Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekly Goals

I used to list out a bunch of goals that I would then forget I listed until the end of the week or month. Sometimes it helped and sometimes it didn't. These are a little different than the "I should" goal lists of several months ago. This is more of an action plan.

GOAL #1: Spend more time with family
GOAL #2: Work towards feeling more supported at work

Lofty goals - and long-term in many cases. What am I going to do this week towards moving towards these goals?

Action #1: Set alarm on work computer and leave at 5pm
Action #2: Schedule workouts during other 'interrupted' evenings (i.e. after WW meeting) or when family has other activities (i.e. during kids dance classes).
Action #3: Get kids to bed at reasonable time so that when we are together we're rested and can enjoy each other.
Action #4: Engage family in household chores. (i.e. instead of cuddling with Jess on the couch, explore/clean her room together. Take time and play games as we go - there's no hurry since it's been a mess for weeks) (i.e. #2 - help Ci with new baking/cooking recipes)

Action #1: Complete Feb monthly FS and submit with notes by end of Monday (almost done)
Action #2: Request 'annual' evaluation be sceduled this week (I've been here for 16.5 months and have received little to no constructive criticism, but also no positive reinforcement - this has lead to extreme frustration on my part).
Action #3: Request mentor to guide on how to become more efficient/effective (this had also been requested at interview in Oct 2006).

We'll call this stuff mental health improvement. The physical health reserve has taken a nose-dive the past couple of weeks. What is WRONG with me? Wait - Don't answer that.

So, the nasty scale is up again this morning. Swiss Chalet on Saturday night may not have been the right choice. I must check points on chicken soup and chicken pot pie. Good news: no BLTs of french fries, pizza or fried chicken from the other 4 at the table. FF (full fat) ice cream for dessert last night, even though in a tiny bowl, may have also been the wrong choice. Husband packed lunch this morning and told me it was ONLY 1C rice and 1.5-2C chili right after I got off the scale. He got a quick and dirty lesson in rice and chili points and re-packed my lunch ASAP. I MAY have been a little over-the-top with my explanation, but after what I'd just witnessed on the scale, I think my reaction was justified. ONLY 1C - HA! 1/2C is a splurge for me, big boy!

We were visiting mil this weekend. She did enjoy dinner Saturday evening, but later took an angina attack. It was a late night and the ambulance took her to the hospital around midnight. She is fine now and came home around noon Sunday. Very tired when we left last night. Ci is worried for her and thinks someone needs to move in. I told her Aunt E is trying to sell her house so she can do just that. I realized if we weren't there that she may not have remembered to press the emergency button or would have been in too much pain to get to the phone to call E. I'm glad we were there as it was a last-minute decision to go up for the night. She is no longer in the beginning stages of dimentia, but does still know everyone. It makes me grateful for all that we have and determined to get the most out of life.

Take care and have a healthful week.

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Colette said...

I did update my ticker and it went UP!! Errr... thats what I get for not sticking to plan over the winter!!
I am so amazed at your motivation and energy level! Kudo's to you for working on your goals...I need to do that too honestly!!!
have a great weak Candace!!
miss ya and love ya

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