Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Clear the Clutter

I am taking this one to heart. I read a book a few years back - now long since donated to the library or sold to a second-hand bookstore - about clearing clutter with Feng Shui. I was moved, not by the prospect of living in a wider vs. longer home, or having rounded corners for energy to move, but rather by the prospect of digging myself out of the clutter we have.

Have you noticed that those with clutter in the homes also tend to have clutter on their bodies? Or maybe it's just me. Why is that? Is it our desire to hang onto things - or not caring about things - or not having the determination to do something about it? Maybe it's one or more, but what I do know is that I have a lot of crap in my home.

So, I have been able to get rid of some clutter from my body and now I am tackling other stuff (mine and theirs). Yup, you heard me. Mark, if you're reading this, we ALL need to comply. OK, how long does it take to find your keys each morning. I seem to have lost mine last weekend - Mark has them, they're in an article of clothing I was wearing, or I left them at mil's or sil's. Regardless, if they're in my kitchen I've wasted numerous minutes looking for them already this week. HELLO??? Time is either money or time away from my family. What about the bank cards Mark mis-placed. Again, they're either in Truro or 'lost' in our home. This has negatively affected our ability to take the 9yo to Frenchy's and she NEEDS some shorts for Friday. Time's a tickin'. Then there's the 10 minutes I spend every morning looking for various things I need to make breakfasts and lunches for the day. Really? I'd rather sleep, thank you very much.

OK, there's my ramble. Clutter - Be Gone. Need some help? Pick up 'Clutters Last Stand' and get started.

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~Les said...

Ooooh! First of all, Candace, I clearly live under a rock because I had no idea you had a blog. :0)

Second, YES, YES, YES! I have absolutely made that exact same parallel before. The bigger I was the more JUNK I had. As I've lost weight and inches on my body, I've been cleaning out MANY other aspects of my life--house, toxic friends, etc.


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