Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Eating and working out on-the-fly don't usually work for me. It generally turns out badly, actually, with my feeling guilty. So far this week I have done very little planning, so I'm going to do a bit now.

To re-cap, Monday I worked late. Groceries are whatever is in the house. I have a list, but that's it. Tuesday I went home for supper and sent Mark to the grocery store. The girls were whiney, so we cuddled and read - 2 chapters of Scooby Doo to 1 chapter of The Worst Halloween Ever. We got through 4 rounds of that before I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

So - to plan. Food - I think I'm going to keep flying on this one. I had intended to journal this week, but...well...I guess I better start. Plus side - the scale is down a bit today, so I think I'm not doing too badly - BUT, journalling or planning is very important for me as I have a tendency to over-do things.

Wednesday: Strength - lower body followed by 20 minutes on elliptical.
Thursday: Cardio session - I haven't decided yet, but if it's nice I'd like to try a jog - maybe 5K. I know where my 2.5K marker is, so I'll just do a return trip.
Saturday: Strenth - upper body followed by, hopefully, a long walk - pending weather. Otherwise I'll do the lwr body 16 minute workout from h-e-ll that involves my getting sick of looking at my stairs.

Clear the Clutter: I got rid of 3 bikes and a dresser so far this week. I'm thinking a box of books for Friday.
Meet Peggy Friday night - Her turn to be accountable this week.
Church on Sunday morning. We haven't been going and I think this is a good time to start again.


Deborah said...

Be careful by not journaling. I know life is busy but you must take time for YOU. Glad the scales show you down some. That's really a good thing.

anna said...

hey, it sounds to me like you are a supermom with real responsibilities. you should feel proud of the things you DO get done each week! i admire you. and whew...clearing out the, that's something i REALLY need to do!!

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