Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures - Like ya'll need more

Hi - This just in: pictures of the suites. Hubby was kind enough to take them today before my workout. I'm using them as my 'before' pictures and am hoping to be more comfortable in the 2-piece by vacation, which is August 4-17. Meanwhile, Mark loves the 1-piece and I guess I don't mind it. Tried to take the pictures on the deck, but the teenage boy neighbour came checking things out, so I abandoned that.

And of the size 8 jeans. Gotta go - family is waiting for some outside adventure.


Colette said...

Haha @ the neighbor boy!! You look like one hot MOMMA and he is not stupid...he is checking you out!!
Great Job on the weight loss. A size 8 you say??? Errrr..I HATE you...LOL Just kidding!!
I have NEVER been a size 8 and believe me if I ever do get to a size 8 I will invite the whole NEIGHBORHOOD over to me me in my swimsuit!! LOL. Especially the hottie that lives next door! ;)
I think he knows he drives me crazy with that goatee and cute smile!! hehe
Have a great day and your looking great girlfriend!!

Amanda said...

WOW!!! You look great, girlfriend!! You are such an inspiration! And a 2 piece--WOO HOO!!!

Deborah said...

Look at you!! You look wonderful. Way to go! Thanks for sharing the pics. I just love it when there are pics to go along with the posts!

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