Monday, June 2, 2008

The Food Focus

I'm going to follow my current eating plan for 1 more week. Basically, we eat almost the same thing every day for 7 days. Heck, I usually ate the same breakfasts and snacks anyway and stressed over the other meals. This consists of a lot of high quality protein choices which tend to get rather expensive. You won't find ham or pork on my menu - no sir.

I did 'slip' to some extent this weekend. As much as I tried, my scheduling was off on Saturday. We got home at 10pm from the recitals - yes, the kids were still awake - and decided to have a thin-crust frozen spinach & fettucini pizza. It was tres yummy. I was thinking metabolic boost meal (or cheat, high point, off-plan, whatever), and was going to stick to schedule on Sunday. Then company showed up and we hauled out some sole. I also had a couple beers. I didn't go over-board, but it certainly wasn't the focus I thought I would have.

So, I'm back at it again today. This week we get lots of meat. Steak every day at lunch and chicken every night for supper. It's actually a very good menu this week. My concern is getting to the financial end of this. How can one afford steak EVERY day. is only 3 oz. I cooked 1 steak this morning and it'll likely last through Wednesday. On Wednesday I'm planning to switch steak to the evening to eat with the family. And likely next Saturday too. Tonight we're all having chicken breasts, brocolli and asparagus. Oh, they'll likely also have some mashed potatoes, but I already ate my sweet potatoe today.

I finally bought some natural pb for the first time ever. I was worried about the oil, but it was amazingly easy to stir up. And the flavour was so much richer than the regular stuff. Very good - highly recommended.

After this week I'm going to do up a regular menu with lots of variety. I'm starting to feel like I'm dieting. But, I will do one of these menus once a month or so. The food is very good and filling - I don't feel deprived. I forgot my jello today - yeah, we get jello, too. I'll have to eat it tonight. I wish meat were half price all the time. I picked up a good fair bit of fish on sale last Thursday. I think our freezer is busting with salmon and haddock right now. Chicken breast was on sale at Superstore this week. Good thing too - what with me eating it every day.

So I'm looking at my weekly grocery bill and thinking: I really hope some of this stuff lasts more than a week. My gas/grocery budget has already pushed its way into next week, so it won't have a choice.


jodi said...

i LOVE natural peanut butter, it's hard for me to eat anything else now because it's too sweet... i tend to add a touch of salt though, esp. when i'm making PB and banana samiches... mmm mmm... :o)

p.s. when i did atkins years ago, i bought all my meat and cheese at sam's club - do you guys belong to big warehouse like that? might save some $$...

Deborah said...

I'm in a rut of eating the same thing every week too. But my rut is because my choices are quick to fix and easily done for just one person. I sure do need a variety but alas I'm too lazy to plan ahead like you. I'll have to try the natural peanut butter. It is one of my favorite evening snacks.

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