Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A little vent here. I'm a liberal gal - I can lift, lug, and mow a lawn. I don't mind helping move furniture, etc. But, I still like to have the door held open for me by a gentleman AND I like to have the garbage, compost and recycling taken care of for me. So WHY am I the one and only who lugs these things to the curb?

Yes, today was compost and recycling day. Never mind the recycling that hasn't made it out of the basement yet. Is it not enough that I actually put the recycling bags on the deck when they're full for ease the morning of? Is it not enough that I request regularly to take the compost out to the composter? Do I have to drag both out to the curb every other week?

What's good about this arrangement? There are certain things I can get to the curb on garbage day that good 'ole hubby would contest. Yes - I can be evil.


Amanda said...

I hear ya!! I think trash is a man's job...I've always thought that. He should take it out and he should change it when it gets full. Sometimes me and DH don't see eye to eye on that...but most of the time we do. ;) Sometimes they just don't get it though.

Deborah said...

Go ahead and rant and rave a little, get it out of your system, it helps.

I'm like you. I can do those things myself but it sure is nice to find a gentleman that will be chivalrous from time to time.

I've got more advice on the subject but don't want to jepardize your marriage :o)

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