Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday:

Be warned, this post is a bit lengthy, so I’ve included a summary.

  1. Did the virtual post-it note work? You asked, I answer.
  2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Eating Clean. What happens when you don’t have your cooler?
  3. Weigh-In Results Show.
  4. Would you consider working for Weight Watchers?
  5. What’s a BLT? The act or the food? A musing.

1. The virtual post-it note. Did it work? Yes – and No. Or maybe No – and Yes. No, I did not get in my ST session on Tuesday night, but thanks to all my great blogging buddies I felt extremely guilty and put in a session this morning. Superman, Chest press, Overhead press, toe taps, lunges, squats, bicep curls, lat raises and some others. 3 sets of mostly 10 reps using mostly 10 lb weights - 12 activities in total. Check that one off. Next scheduled workout is Saturday.

2. My meals for any given day consist of breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, late afternoon snack – all before going home to supper and evening snack. Well, that’s a full 4 meals I take in my cooler every day. Yesterday I asked my 9yo to take my lunch to the car. I looked around on my way out the door and saw that my cooler was gone and proceeded with the morning kiddie drop-off. When I got to work I looked in the back seat. Hmmm, maybe she put it in the trunk. No – look back in the car, again in the trunk. I’m very confused and really not sure how I am going to get through the day. My yogurt and berries; My chicken, broccoli and asparagus; My tuna, egg and rice cake; My cottage cheese and almonds. All gone. Well, I survived. The 4yo hadn’t wanted her oatmeal, to I ate that late morning, then went around 2pm to Tim Horton’s for chili, ham and cheese roll, coffee and a donut. The donut should have been a don’t, but I’m moving forward. Meanwhile, the 9yo felt extremely guilty for having stuffed my lunch in her backpack so she asked her teacher to keep it in the teachers’ fridge. The teacher asked if it was OK for her to look to see what I packed. Well, I’ve told you what was in there. Her comment was that this was the healthiest lunch she’s ever seen. That comment made me feel very good indeed.

3. I went to weigh-in last night and am in new territory, with a 0.8 lb loss. I am now 143 lbs. Ooooooh, so close to 140, but I am aware these last few pounds are painfully slow to take off.

4. After the WW meeting I was asked to hang back a bit. Would I ever consider working for Weight Watchers? Yes, I would. My leader will put my name forward and I am not to be surprised if I get a call. I have thought about this, but really didn’t ‘think’ about it in reality terms for just yet, you know. It made me feel very good, though.

5. Finally, a musing. The definition of BLT: Bite, Lick, Taste. I kind of laugh, because my musing isn’t really about not BLTing, but the definition of a BLT. It's not about how you shouldn't like the knife after spooning out ice cream for the kids or 'steal' a fry from someone else's plate. For instance, if I am making my snacks in the morning and lick the spoon after filling my container, is this a BLT? The food was measured and is on my eating plan for later today, but is that the point? Or even weekly food prep – if it is my food for the week, does it matter if I taste-test on Sunday? Now, part of me says no it's not a BLT – it’s your food, destined to land in your stomach (I would otherwise scrape the spoon into the container, see). Another part of me says, the ACT is BLT and there is a treacherous path between going from licking the spoon of yogurt in the morning to licking the spoon of ice cream for the kids in the evening. The act is a lick – and the act is mindless and often goes unnoticed. The act is a bad habit that I, for one, need to focus on.

That’s it for today. I had a lot to get out, so I hope you enjoyed some or all of my daily ramblings. Cheers for today.


Deborah said...

Of course if you do the BLT with your own food that would be all right.

But, I don't know, I have another theory for the BLT. Since I don't get that yummy stuff anymore (or at least not often) the lick is a treat in and of itself and if I can taste the stuff with just one lick, it ain't gonna hurt. It's something to ponder about though.

Amanda said...

That's cool that WW might call you to work for them! What a good way to stay accountable!

Glad the virtual post it note sorta worked. :) And good job on the loss!!!!!! I hope to be day....

Candace said...

Debbie, I think yours is a very healthy attitude towards the BLT's. My musing is more just for where I am now and where I still want to get to. The theory being that a lick of my own food may lead to licking without thinking - and with kids and summer coming that could be dangerous. The problem with BLT's is that we don't often realize that we're doing it. Ice cream, birthday cakes, french fries and BBQ hot dogs can add up to extra pounds for me - even if none of that stuff ends up on my journal.

Steph said...

Congrats on the loss!!

On the BLT front - it's all the same in my opinion. It's the mindless action of putting something in our mouths for no reason - there is no hunger but we are feeding ourselves just because. That's just my opinion though.

You're doing great - you would be a fantastic WW leader!! Too cool!

jodi said...

congrats on the loss and for being asked if you were interested in working for WW... i think that would be such an awarding job, esp. if you've been thru the program - keep us posted! :o)

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