Friday, June 13, 2008

TAXES - Ahhhhh!!!

OK, in Canada taxes are due to be filed by April 30th. Umm...yeah. Did I mention that I worked in public accounting for 5 years worth of my career? Hmm. You'd think I'd be organized and psyched to file KNOWing that I get a return every year (childcare fees may be a killer on the budget, but they help on the taxes).

So, I did them late - sometime in May - and made my list of outstanding items. Still waiting on my interest papers from RBC federal student loan, but I can file a T1 adjustment for that. I asked the daycare for receipts, the dance school, etc. OK - all set, right?

Gonna complete them last Tuesday. Duh - have the child fitness stuff, but seem to have lost the daycare receipt. Called the daycare. Got the receipt Wednesday and updated the taxes. Where the heck is our access codes?

Found them this morning. Phew! Filed them today. Not bad - only 1.5 months late. No interest or penalties - both of us are getting refunds. Now to decide if I should do the debt reduction thing or go shopping... Just joking - I think there's room for a bit of shopping. Duh - I still need a 2-piece bathing suite.

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Deborah said...

Better late than never, right?

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