Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Fun

I guess I had lots of weekend fun. Some highlights:

Used clothing: I took the 9yo to Frenchy's and she picked up some tops. I also needed summer clothes - some for work, but I haven't boughten much for kickin' back either. I picked up 3 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of capris, a dress and several tops.

ALSO, I bought a 2-piece bathing suite on Friday night. I'll try to post the suite pictures this week sometime.

Meat: I went shopping at the wholesalers on Friday night and picked up a chunk of pork and a huge chunk of beef tip. I spent some time with the pork on Saturday morning and ended up with 3 pork loin and some other cuts. The beef took me around 1 hour on Sunday and I ended up with 2 roast, some nice steak cuts and a bunch of fast-fry cuts, some beef tips for stir-fry and some stew meat. I decided if I'm going to do this again, I need a better knife. I figure I saved around $15-20 - not great when you're considering the time factor, but it's a learning curve. Also, I decided I'll need a glass cutting board instead of the hunk of wood I use.

Friends: Had friends over Saturday night for a few drinks and chatting. The kids had some fun. Sunday, next door the 4 or 5 yo twins were visiting their aunt. They're always good for some fun - my girls are crazy about them and love it when they visit. Later in the afternoon we went visiting ourselves for a BBQ and swimming. I didn't go swimming, but the kids were in - well, the LO sat on the edge and managed to set down the ladder until under her arms before coming back up - repeatedly. Good times.

Cuddles: Got some great cuddles in last night as we snuggled down and watched Water Horse. Good movie - the 4yo took off near the end and brought back a kleenex box for the tears (hers and others).

Well, it's getting late. Gotta throw on some 'new' clothes and get to work. Have a great day.


Deborah said...

Nice weekend!!

I was disappointed with Water Horse. Not enough of the water horse and too much of the war. Then again I'm not real crazy about period movies either. If it's going to be about another time I prefer the future ones.

Colette said...

Don't you love discount clothing stores and garage sales? I sure do! Especially for the kids. I mean they out grow things so fast why spend top dollar for name brand when you don't have to. You can get name brand for a quarter of the price!!

Candace said...

HaHa Colette, I actually did better for myself than the kid. She's super picky and I think everyone else must have picked through the kids stuff already. Oh well, she got a few shirts - most she actually picked out in womens small.

Natalie said...

yeah for new clothes and a 2 pc bathing suit! I can't wait until i am down enough weight to purchase one of those for myself that won't have to be covered by a two piece tshirt and short set!!!

anna said...

thanks for the tip on waterhorse...will definately put that one on our blockbuster list.

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