Friday, May 9, 2008

2 Steps Forward...

1 Step Back. You're going in the right direction, so it's all good.

I decided to go to weigh-in last night at the Dartmouth location. I'm up 1.4 from last week to 145.2. I'm still 4.8 less than goal so it's all good. Could be I ate more food yesterday than last Wednesday, pants were heavier, whatever. I don't stress - Just re-commit.

The message this week was Weight Loss Bargain. What did we spend on exercise equipments, foods, fad diets or other programs before joining WW. What have we spent as members? Why do we freak over the cost of lettuce, but don't question the cost of a round of drinks, often tipping more than the lettuce would have cost. What is the cost of not buying healthy foods?

I never really spent a lot on trying to lose weight before joining WW. I bought books and can list them here: "Fit for Life", "A New Way of Eating", and Dr. Phil's book on weight loss. I actually like the idea of Natural Hygein (Fit for Life and A New Way of Eating) and find it co-incides in a lot of ways with Core - I just wish the recipes were less time-consuming (if you read me regularly you'll know how much I love cooking - not). I didn't make it very far into Dr. Phil's book, but made lots of notes about my psychological issues;0)

I think I've spent more money on health items after starting this journey. Still, I bought my weights second hand, my elliptical was free and my yoga mat and ankle weights were from Winners. Maybe $100 in total. Plus the gym I joined this winter. The joiners fee was quite low and I only joined for 2 months - another $140 or so.

Do I spend more on groceries than before? I don't think so. If you plan right healthy eating doesn't have to cost a fortune. I also look at the cost of food in more than 1 way now as well. Usually I try to buy lean ground beef, but last week I hesitated because it was expensive. Turns out ground chicken was on sale so I picked up 4 packages. I swing by the fish section every time I'm in the store to see if there are any marked for 50% quick sale. I then freeze it as soon as I get home. Last night I enjoyed Tilapia that was purchased as a result of a quick sale sometime last month. Sweet:)

So - why can I relax and not get excited about a 1.4 lb gain. Is it because I'm already under goal? No - I'd still like to get to 140. Moreover it's because I've been here before. In October I charted a 3.8 lb gain one week. I know this isn't a race. It's a lifetime. And that's what last nights message was all about. I'm glad I made the time to go to the meeting. Can you believe I felt more rejeuvinated after than 1.4 gain than last weeks loss? It's true.


jodi said...

i feel having an attitude such as yours is such a great thing - gains are just as much part of the journey as losses... i've gotten to the point where if i gain, i know that i need to cutback and put more effort into exercise - it's not rocket science people... and you said the perfect thing, "it's a not a race, it's a lifetime"... so true, so true! :o)

Deborah said...

You've made me look at my little gain this week in a different light. Thanks for the insight.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

"I don't stress - Just re-commit."

What a great attitude!! You are doing great!

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