Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long Weekend

Weekend went well. I got in an ST session Saturday morning and took Baloo for a 6.8 km walk. On Sunday, the 9yo and I decided to break in our wheels and went 2.5km. I tried roller-blading a couple of years ago on a flat parking lot for around 15 minutes. This trip with flat, mild and moderate incline was fairly intense for me. After 5 minutes I was wondering what I had agreed to. All I kept thinking was the biggest incline just before the end. We made it though. Monday we headed out again for another trip, likely around 3 km since it was return and not as far as the first trip.

We went to see the new Narnian movie. I hadn't read this book because I couldn't find it when we were reading them. We read the first one (the creation of Narnia), the second (LW&W), the third (A boy and his horse, i.e. Caspian), missed the fourth, read the fifth - the ship one. We didn't get to the last 2. I thought the movie was very well done. The 9yo said we need to get it for keeps.

Also went through the boxes of clothes that are between the 2 kids in size. Organized and cleared out a bunch of stuff for donation. We drove by a house with a Princess 2-wheeler with training wheels out by the corner. Hubby stopped to ask if they were putting it out for someone to take, so we took it. In return, we told the 4yo that she should put her tricycle by the road since it's too small for her. She liked that idea and is very happy for the upgrade. Hubby put a note on it saying it needed a new home. The trike disappeared yesterday afternoon in the trunk of a white car.

The home scale actually dropped down a bit this morning from hovering around 150. It's notoriously higher for the past few months than the WW scales. I was glad to see the drop. For my part I went over my points Saturday. I didn't indulge. I took the kids to McD's Saturday and just had fajitas and a couple of fries before leaving them with hubby and going to look at books. I also stuck to water and a couple of small nachos at the movie before handing them on to the 9yo who finished them up. I took it light at supper since we'd been out.
Sunday food was good. We did have chicken cordon bleu, potatoes and fiddleheads for supper. It was so good. My points for the day were around 22.
Monday I was good until supper. I had some steak and prolly too many potatoes, onions and brocolli. nah, not too much brocolli, but I did eat to being a little more than satisfied, so I'll have to work on that.

Morning: .5C cottage cheese, 1C berries, .5 scoop pp (4)
Snack: coffee with whole milk (1)
Lunch: steak, potatoes, onions, little bit of brocolli, coffee with whole milk (7)
Snack: pro bar and carrots (3)
Supper: pork loin, half sweet potatoe, lettuce & spinach salad (6)
Snack: 0.5C lf soy drink, 1 scoop pro powder (3)

ST: repeater of Saturday morning followed by elliptical or blading with the 9yo - I feel like I'm in a second childhood and so glad I can share this with her. That she WANTS me to :))

Total for day: 24


Deborah said...

Sounds like a wonderful and full weekend with the family. Glad you enjoyed it.

kendall said...

Wow, just saw your post and your blog. I have to say congradulations thus far in your journey.

I see that you had a "pro bar" for a snack. Is this the same pro bar as found at www.theprobar.com? If so, drop me a line, I'd like to chat - kendall AT theprobar DOT com

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