Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You can catch more flies with Sugar

Well, I am wanting to report on my positivity goal today. I am SOOOO excited that we finally got up the casing on the bathroom door. Hubby has vowed never to do another 45% angle, but I do like them so much more than the blocks. Next step - frame in the bathtub. There's a warp in the wall that is giving him some problems, so he's been dealing with it by not dealing with it. Long weekend coming up - we'll see.

Left to do in the bathroom:

- Frame in tub
- Decide on cabinets and mirror above sink
- Hang said cabinet and/or mirror
- touch-up paint
I am actually thinking something like this for functionality. Easy to clean, cabinet is recessed, and no handles. I also have a wooden mirror that won't fit there. We were thinking about putting it above the toilet, but I may just leave it in storage until another day.

Getting this far is no small feat. It was labour day 2006 that I took the kids out of town for the weekend so hubby could tear out our old bathroom. We feared major mold issues, but it turned out to be surface, mostly. He put in a new 3-piece tub, new toilet and new pedastal sink. Word to anyone considering pedastal sinks - save it for the half-bath. You lose your counter, under-counter storage. I now have toys, magazines, bottles, etc everywhere else but in the drawers and cupboards that they used to be stored. He doesn't seem to mind that it has taken almost 2 years to get to this point - and in fact it may very well take the rest of the summer to motivate him to finish this. He's definately not a full force ahead until complete kind of guy. The plumbing is done and the floor is laid - I think he would have quit there.

Speaking of positivity, the girls both complimented on Sunday night supper so much so that hubby decided to try for a similar effect last night. Sunday we went to mil's and I made pork loin, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and spinach. Last night he was motivated to try to please them in similar fashion with some chicken breasts. They liked it, but I have a feeling Sunday may have had more to do with the fact that we were at Nanny's. Anyway, a compliment goes a long way, and that's important stuff.

Anyway, I am so excited and really want to buy a new, vinyl bathroom door as well, but I'll wait until the other stuff is done first.


Steph said...

Home repair projects are the worst. Why is that husbands think we can just make do??? I still have a hole in the wall from where we saved the parachuting squirrels....guess all men are the same?? LOL

Congrats on the progress in the bathroom - not sure how much of the actual physical labor you did but if you motivated hubby enough to get something done then you deserve some applause!! Hope you had a Happy Mom's Day!

Steph said...

Shoot - I just left you a long comment complimenting you on being able to motivate your hubby and asking you to come give mine a jab or two.....stupid blogger ate my comment :(

At any rate - hope you had a great Mom's Day!!

Candace said...

"not sure how much of the actual physical labor you did"

Bwahahaaaahahaaaahaha!!!! Thanks for the laugh Steph!!

He called me up at one point (I was cleaning the LR, BTW) to show me an error. I looked and said, "Yes, I see that you chopped it instead of 45 degreeing it. Good thing we have another board - and you can use that one across the top."

anna said...

you guys sound like US! we start projects and then realize it's much bigger than we thought and then get a little side-tracked. ugh. we have a couple things going on in the house right now that drive me bananas!!

like the idea of the simple mirror. very smart thinking.

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