Friday, May 23, 2008


YUP. It was May 23rd, 2007 that I realized that my 4 days of trying to cut out sweets and bready products was destined to fail. I sat at work looking down at my ginormous belly and thought about 2 of my friends who had lost weight on Weight Watchers. One worked out at Curves and the other walked up and down the highway and some other exercises. I'd seen both withing the previous month. The scale that I'd purchased the previous weekend scared the crapolla out of me. AND, my body shape came with all sorts of personal insecurities. If you're there or have been there, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't - well, kudos to you or maybe you're missing out on part of the journey we're on. Regardless, that's another post.

SO, here it is 1 year later, 40 lbs lighter, and what have been the highlights:

Octoberbest: Thanks to Kim for hosting this and introducing me to Sparks.
Silver 33's: 33 inch waist Silver brand cords. I couldn't believe they fit. They're getting big now.
Losing over Christmas Holidays: Thanks for my Holiday plan, and those of others I was ready for December.
Inches lost: I did not take my measurements until July when Octoberbest started. I'm am very pleased with my progress since joining Phit-n-Phat as well.
Increased Energy: Keeping up with my kids and actually having to help them along.
Making WW Goal and Making WW Lifetime.

There have been others too numerous to mention that have given me the motivation, encouragement or determination to continue. I'm still working on more goals and still want to lose some more inches. As it's been a year I'm thinking I'll stop updating my graph for now. What I know is I'm back to a body I can like and have brought with me a whole heap of confidence this time around.

Have a great weekend everyone. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish whatever goals you set our there for yourself. Cheers,


Deborah said...

Congrats on all your accomplishments!! You Rock!!

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jodi said...

happy anniversary! you've accomplished a great deal over the last year and should definitely be proud! thank you for sharing this journey with us! :o)

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