Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Less Housework

Anna liked the idea of the simple mirror. Wish I could take credit. Oh, I'm so excited about this new book I bought. "Make Your House Do the Housework." When we decided on our bathroom it was really strictly "What look do I like?" What I've come to discover are a few things.

- Pedastal sinks take away much-needed storage space.
- White moulding shows the dirt far more than grain wood.
- White tub/toilet/sink needs cleaning far more often than darker colours (grey or light brown would have been ideal).

In other areas of my house:

- The pretty victorian style couch, loveseat and chair I bought this winter collects lint and dog hair in the buttons.
- The solid dusty rose colour shows all the dog hair and other mishaps that come with family 'life' (at least ours).
- The legs and open space below the couch allow dirt, toys, shoes, books, dust balls, etc to collect under said couch and does nothing to hide it from visitors eyes. My last couch still collected, but the skirt hid it all until I could get under there.

I did buy furry black throws to camouflage, but it mostly just makes me miss the fact that it's the dog curled up there (i.e. camouflages Baloo instead of her fur - ugh).

So this book has a lot of ideas. At the end of the day, hubby and I decided to plug away at project that NEED to be done and we are planning to sell in 4 years. Ideally I would like to build and incorporate more of the ideas in this book into our plans.

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Deborah said...

Interesting ideas. I also bought the wrong type of living room furniture a couple of years ago and with the expense we just can't afford to replace them with the right kind. Wonder if I will remember this when they finally wear out?

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