Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've been tagged

The rules: Rules are made to be broken. But basically it involves telling 5 things about yourself and then tagging 5 more people. I was tagged by Debbie - who follows rules like a good teacher.

Five Things About Me:

1. To steal from Debbie, I attended 9 public schools between P-12. I was in #4 by Christmas grade 3. One included going to QEII for summer school - I like to count it. Dad retired from the Air Force when I was 9, and then we moved when I was in High School, but I went to the big city for a while during the transition to live with my brother. I may have her beat in post-secondary, though. I started at Acadia before moving out west. I took course at Mount Royal College, SAIT and through Athabasca just because before moving home to finish up at Mt. Saint Vincent. 5 universities before I got my degree and now I'm studying through CGA.

2. I was dehydrated most of my life. I have periodically given blood over the years and it has always been a labourous task, taking 45 minutes or so. After I joined WW last year and was struggling to drink 6 cups a day (I laugh now at how hard that was) I donated in 12minutes. Also, I was a regular advil/tylenol popper, but I rarely have to take them now. Water is an amazing thing.

3. My second child was borne on my first child's birthday. I love that one. I was induced and when the doc set the date I just sat there and tried to explain it wasn't a good date. After being informed that he was going away for the weekend, and based on what he saw I wasn't going into labour anytime soon, that the choice was mine to wait it out. I was already 1.5 weeks over and agreed. Then I went home to give the whole thing a positive spin. "Honey, it looks like this baby is going to be borne on your birthday. If that happens, I want you to know that you're the luckiest little girl getting a birthday present from God." She bought it, but we had some possessiveness issues to address the first little while. "I'LL take care of it Mommy. After all, she's MY birthday present."

4. I still cry driving by Miller's Lake in the spring when the snow melts. It makes driving difficult, but it also reminds me of the spring I lived in Halifax and Dad used to pick me up for the weekends and we'd always have bets if the ice was still there. And I'd always laugh at the crocodile in the lake because I was from a small town in Colchester County and all this stuff was more quirky than I was used to.

5. I am an accountant who hates doing personal tax returns. Mine are currently a month late getting filed.

OK - now YOU - the one reading this - yeah you -

you've been tagged. Let me know in the comments if you're posting a list.

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Deborah said...

Wow, you do have me beat. 5 universities!! I only attended one and then one graduate school.

What a cool way to deal with the birth of your second on the firsts birghday. You are a genius!!

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