Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Food check

I've got my food in check the past little while. I'm following one of Corinne's menus this week. Eating 8 times a day is interesting. I'm not sure I can continue with the every 2 hours thing. I'm used to eating 6 mini-meals a day and that's more my grove. I'll stick to it this week - I'm loving the scale results.

Now to get my exercising into check. With all this lean protein I've been eating, I told the hubby that I NEED to do some exercise to support the food. So, tonight I'm pushing some weights and taking a cruise on the elliptical.

Sunday I did 2.5km roller skate again. I think it's going to be a regular route, but I can see getting to the point where I just turn around and head home from there.

Soccer started for the season. We're getting the questions as to why the 4yo isn't signed up. It's big here, but she wasn't interested and, I for one, am glad to have another relaxing summer pool-side instead of swatting flies on a field.


Steph said...

8 times a day - WOW! I'm working on 5 to 6 small meals a day but still really battling the dinner is the biggest meal mentality.....I'm getting better but portion distortion is a killer!

Glad that things are going good for you. I just love reading your blog because you are so in tune with your body and health! You inspire me!

Kim said...

How much can you manage to eat if you are eating every two hours? I'm intrigued that the scale is responding so well to this. How cool. Is it about the combination of foods that what you eat at each mini meal?

Deborah said...

Well, all the data proves that 6-8 small meals a day promote better weight loss but I just couldn't do it. 61 years of programming to eat just 3 isn't going to change for me. So glad you can do it. Good luck on the scales and so glad they are showing an improvement.

Good for you in not forcing your 4yo into something she isn't interested in. So many parents don't listen to their wee ones and make them participate when they don't want to and in my opinion that's a huge mistake.

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