Thursday, May 15, 2008

Accountability, Baby!

Yeah, I gues that's what I got last night at 6pm at the fire hall. And I guess that's what I'm doing now. So much for my Re-commitment promise last week. I'm up another pound. And, I'll be honest here, it had nothing to do with the pants I was wearing. In fact, I was wearing the SAME pants I wore 2 weeks ago and, likely the same top as well. If not the same top the weight difference would be immaterial.

There - I've put it out there. I've talked the talk, but haven't been walking the walk. I've run out of excuses for my lax behaviour. I have not exercised at all, except for some walking, in almost 2 weeks. My elliptical is wondering what it's purpose in life is. My weights get more action being used as a balancing tool by the 9yo than anything else. I'm feeling relaxed, lazy, and unmotivated. On the food side, measuring is fine - sometimes. Journaling gets done on Thursday and part of Friday before taking a nose dive. Luckily I am planning my meals or I'd really be in a tail-spin.

So - for myself I am going to journal my food here. For ALL of blogland to ignore. BUT, this has always been MY back-to-basics - the thing that gets me moving again. My daily points, based on weight and age, etc is 19, plus all the other stuff. I smooth my weekly pts and just go for 24/day while in weight-loss mode. If I put in a kick-ass work-out I'll have and extra 2pts just for kicks and giggles. YES - I eat all my points. The goal: at least 4 kick-ass work-outs this week, 2 for ST.

6am: Coffee with whole milk and splenda (1)
7:30am: Super smoothie (1C yogurt/milk, some strawberries, 1/4C prepared oatmeal, 1/2 scoop protein powder) (5)
9am: Tim's coffee, 1/2milk, 1/2cream, splenda (1)
11am: Homemade protein bar (3)
1pm: 1C brown rice, 10 shrimp, topped with frozen veggies and drizzled with oyster sauce (less than 1Tbsp) (6)
4pm: 1C baby carrots and 1Tbsp pb (2)
6:45pm: 1.5 C chili made with ground chicken (5)
9:30pm: 1/2C lf soy drink (1)

Activity: Dance/yoga - low impact cardio for 45 mins and some great light stretching for 45 mins.


Deborah said...

Glad you're back to getting "back-to-basics." But mostly glad you recognized that you needed to. I'll give you a little advice you have given me (but not in the exact words). We all fall off the wagon some and the important thing to do is realize it and get back on. Think you're doing just that. Way to go!!

jodi said...

being accountable and staying accountable are such different beasts... it's easy to keep track when you have the time and energy to do so but for me, once i stop - it's much harder to get going again... i admire people that list their daily menus because it shows that they are making a public commitment to being healthy... maybe i should start using my eTools again (considering i pay for it every month!)... ;o)

MaryFran said...

It sounds like you made the first big step to getting back on track, acceptance. You have accepted responsibility for the pound, now you can move on and get rid of it!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Apparently, my lazy sickness *cough cough* has spread across blogland. Sorry bout that. Looks like you're doing better though!

Swizzlepop said...

If you're anything like me then your body is trying to see "what if." What if you stop exercising? What if you stop tracking? What if? Sounds like you have had your break and are ready to kick some ass!

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