Friday, May 16, 2008

Goals Update and Menu

Sorry I can't be more exciting today. But - actually - I am excited about some of the progress on my goals.

Goal #1: This one is hard because it's not measurable, really. I always feel like I've missed the opportunity to thank someone - like last night. A girl taught me how to do a 3-step turn that I was having problems with and I didn't explicitly thank her. Missed opportunity - but at least I am recognizing it and that's progress. On the plus side, I have been thanking the girls at work for all they do and my family for being so great.

Goal #2: Operation Debt Down. I did NOT contribute to my emergency fund this week. But, I did not touch it either. It currently sits at a little under $300. If I am threatened to have my power or phone cut off I can at least pay on the accounts and still be safe. Other than that I paid OFF my first credit card - the HBC. Now, I fully expect the next statement to have residual interest that will need to be addressed, and when I get that statement I will be able to make that payment quite easily. Yesterday I cut up the card and cancelled it today. Woot!!! 1 down, 4 to go.
I was worried about the 3-mortgage month, but neglected to note that Mark gets paid the day before the mortgage is due. I tend to have a reserve for these months, but I had spent it. Anyway, all is good.
So, since I get paid semi-monthly and Mark gets paid bi-weekly, I am going to have to ear-mark his cheques for gas and groceries because it's easier.

Goal #3: 28 inches. Hmmm, you already know that I've gained weight and haven't been exercising, so I guess I'm sucking the big one on this. BUT, I have decided to focus on what I have been doing (see the transition in Positivity: Goal #1 here - finding MYSELF right).
Monday: I went for a great walk with the family on Monday night. I don't want to count this kind of thing as exercise, because this is WHY I exercise - so I can keep up. Mark felt we went too far, Ci biked and had a great time, J went in her jogger and laughed a lot. I pushed the jogger for over half and really hoofed 'er. I walked the dog the rest of the way and really hoofed 'er. 40 minutes of good cardio walking trying to keep up with the bike.
Tuesday: I worked late Tuesday night and missed my scheduled ST, but did volunteer to take the deposit to the bank. It's not far, but I did walk it, then side-tracked to Tim's for a coffee. I think it was 20-30 minutes out. Not what I planned - but it was something.
Wednesday: When hubby went to shower I could have settled in with the kids, tidied up, whatever. NO, NO, that's not what I did. Instead I got them ready and leashed the dog. We walked down the road and up a dirt road in the area so the LO could trike - it's really too small for her, but we'll work on that in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I ended up carrying the trike while walking 'pully dog' most of the time. The walk was slow, but it's the stuff life is made of.
Thursday: I got ready for dance class last night and poor Baloo got SO excited. I felt badly for her. I can't say it was kick-ass cardio, but it was a great, light workout. The stretch was much-needed. 45 minutes of dance and 45 minutes of yoga. Sadly, the season is almost over.

So, in conjunction with my 28 inch goal I also need to reign in my eating. So, I will post my nenu for today to be accountable to that (did you like that segway?).

Early morning: some water - did you know that drinking some water .5-1 hour before breakfast actually kick-starts you metabolism. Mark usually brings me coffee, so I've requested water instead. I drink it in bed while he's getting ready then hunker back down for a while.
Breakfast: Super-smoothie with coffee. Sometimes I add my 1C coffee directly to my smoothie so I don't have to use a point for the whole milk I add. It's kind of a gimped up latte and I usually drink it in 5 seconds. It's great for Mondays and Fridays. I do 5 points. 1C lf soy drink, .5 banana, .5 scoop pp (I used Lead Dessert Banana Cream today), .25C prepared oatmeal, 1C brewed coffee.
Drive in: Tim's coffee (large, half milk, half cream, splenda) 1 point
Snack: Orange and coffee with whole milk 2 points
Lunch: Sheppard's pie (points estimated by comparison to PC product) 6 points
Snack: less than 2C carrots, 12 whole almonds 3 points
Supper: Tim's coffee, 12 almonds 3 points
Before bed: 1C lf soy drink 2 points

Total for day: 22 pts

Sounds like an exciting day so far. In my cooler I have almonds, peanut butter, can of tuna and can of black bean soup. I'll need to work the details out for the rest of the day. The pb and canned stuff are just staples I keep at work, but I don't go home for supper on Friday nights, so will eat before I leave work and bring a snack (likely some almonds) for through the evening. Fridays are left-over days - lots of fun. The plan is 24 pts today.

Oh - Have a great weekend. It's a long one for me - technically. Hubby missed out on OT as the union guys took all the spots (can't blame them at triple time), so I may go in for a day or so. For those who celebrate, Happy Victoria Day. Have a great weekend.


Steph said...

You're doing great and CONGRATS on paying off a credit card.......isn't that liberating!! Hope you have a great weekend! (((HUGS)))

Deborah said...

Sounds like you've taken the bull by the horns. Keep up the good work! Way to go on paying of the credit card. That should make you feel lighter (in the pocket book).

Swizzlepop said...

Logging and posting our food really does help with accountability.
Thanks for the tip on water first thing. I was reading that as I waited for the husband to bring me my coffee and decided to get up and get some water to sip while I waited. Thanks!

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