Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weigh-In, Crazy Busy, Daily Eats

Up 0.2 this week. Weighed in at noon, so it may have impacted. Think I'm gonna give up Wendie. I think I was doing just about as well with an average of 4 ptd/day extra. Gonna go back to that and just track my APs - I also ate them this week for the first time.

I knew this would happen in September. I am crazy busy. Just booked hotel for October for a Dance competition. Hubby not sure if he can make it. Great, a 4 hour drive alone with the kids twice in 1 weekend.
I owe for this, I owe for that. Need dance shoes and stores say everything is back-ordered. Last night was rush, rush, rush - The 9yo to dance, hubby to study, I took the 4yo swimming (at least that was 25 minutes of relaxation. Tonight I have an appt and hubby is taking the monkeys with him to meet-the-teacher night - yeah, I said good luck. Tomorrow, the 9yo is taking tap, then I have half hour to get her home and back down for my class. Plus I need to pack her lunch for Friday as it's pizza day and she can't have it. I hate food allergies!!!
Busy means more difficult to eat healthy, but not impossible. I took the last 'home-made' frozen dinner out of the freezer this morning, will bring sandwich stuff for tomorrow and probably Subway on Friday.

Today's eats:

Breakfast - coffee with 2oz whole milk, approx 0.5C yogurt (end of carton), approx 1C frozen berries and 4-5 Tbsp granola (est 6 pts)

In lunch can:

  • Orange 1pt
  • Apple 2pt
  • Some flax tortilla chips (LF) - 3 pts
  • 6 pt frozen rice & chicken meatball dinner
  • 3 pts potato-leek soup (will have this between 5-6pm after weigh-in as I won't get home until around 8pm)

Wow, that's 21 pts before I eat supper. Plus, I'll likely have another 1pt coffee before long as I stayed up and read a bit last night, so that's 22 and my daily pts. Guess I'll make supper light or just have a snack as it'll be late. Regardless, I'll need 1 serving of dairy for 2pts. I have a few weekly FPs left, earned 1 AP this morning, so we'll see. I don't usually worry too much about it as tomorrow is a new week.

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Randi said...

I do not envy you. BUSY! You seem to have a plan for it all so good for you. I wouldn't really worry about your food today being over or whatever. You are eating very healthy and seem to be following guidelines right? Stay focused, this will all be routine in about a week.

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