Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wendesday WI, Measurement update, and School Started!

First off, I LOST 2.8 lbs this week.

And, in the past 8 weeks have lost 10.5 measured inches (9.2lbs in the same time frame)

Guess I did each thigh, but combined the arms - oh, well. Interestingly, I had no 'arm flex' 8 weeks ago. Hubby said to flex so he could take that too. I said, "I have no flex". He told me to anyway - and guess what? - 12.5 with a flex, baby!!! Woohoo! Guess those girly push-ups are doing something.
Also, since the summer saver program is over, I picked up 5 coupons. They were giving out desert recipe books for buying 5 or 10 coupons this week. 2 recipe books in 2 weeks - not bad. Think I'll pick some apples in the back yard and try this upside-down apple thing I spotted.
This morning was hectic. Last night Ci came to meeting with me and we went to the grocery to pick something up for her lunch for today. She wanted sushi and was upset because they ran out of chop sticks. Hubby found some in the cupboard - youda thought the world was ending if she didn't have these chop sticks. She also wanted her hair braided wet last night so it would be crinkly today. Then was getting stressed that she'd miss the bus this morning and couldn't or wouldn't eat breakfast. C-r-a-n-k-y. She does not transition well. It's started now, though. By next week we'll be old-hand.


jodi said...

wow, what great progress... and congrats on your loss this week - that's awesome! :o)

Steph said...

You are awesome!!! I am soooo proud of you Miss Scarlett! I hope that when I measure I get to see the same results! Thanks for posting such an encouraging bunch of stats!

So do you do yoga - how do you like it? I thought of trying it but a little worried that Barbie may not be able to bend and unbend like that?

Randi said...

Wow great work! Those are some great stats, and don't you love being able to go back and see your progress? Let that be a lesson to everyone else to take before pictures and measurements because it sure feels great seeing results!

Randi said...

ouch busted! I gotta get through my reading before I can be productive! come on! I think I may have figured it out anyway. but alright, back to work. :P

Colette said...

WOW thats a great loss Candace!! I am so glad to see everyone really starting to lose again. Seems like we have had the WW blahs for WAY TOO LONG!!!!

Way to go girly!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You are doing AMAZING!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!

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