Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday update, Friday plan

Replace potatoes with butternut squash and skip the cup of milk. A couple of more cups of water during class.
Daily Pts. 22
Weekly Pts. 0
GHG's - short half a dairy.

Friday: THE PLAN:

Morning: (5pts)
3/4C LF Soy drink, Cream of wheat, Unsw. Apple sauce, Coffee with 1/4C whole milk
Snack: (1pt)
Coffee with 1/4C whole milk, 1C Carrots
Lunch: (7pts)
4 oz salmon trims, 1/2C Rice, with 1C veggies & 2Tbsp dr.
Snack: (6pts)
1/2 Tim's Bagel w. PB, Lg Apple
Supper: (5pts)
3oz chicken with veggies, Sweet potatoe
Snack: (3pts)
Canteloup, 1C LF Soy drink

Light walk at lunch - 20 mins, Evening walk (planned 30 mins)

Water - WW recommendation 4 so far
Water - extra will be consumed
F&V: at least 2xF
Dairy - 2-2.5
Oil - 2

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