Monday, September 17, 2007

Rare before footage

Unbelievable that I allowed my picture to be taken without the 'child coverage' last Christmas. Only a head shot, but nonetheless. This wasn't at the largest I got, but I was not far off. I know - always hard to judge on a head shot. Stay away from full-length mirrors and you can bury yourself in self-denial for a while longer. It appears that I was having some fun anyway, so that's good.

I can't believe Christmas is only a few months away. Every year I plan to start early and never do. First thing first - gotta get through this week.

Oh, I finally got that link for an exercise program from my friend. My Dad, who was in the Royal Canadian Air Forces, likely used this. I also remember having to do many of these exercises in gym classes growing up. Here's the link the program is the XBX for women or the 5BX for men.

Cheers all,


dizzydazey said...

Oh I know! I always think that I'm going to start shopping for Christmas somewhere around Easter, and then the whole summer passes me by, and here it is half way through September and I haven't even started yet. :o)

But I think that most people wait until at least November to start, so we're still ahead of everyone else, right?

Ahhh! I hear the Day After Thanksgiving Sales calling my name already! :o)

Have a great Tuesday!!

junkfoodaholic said...

With the Christmas thing, I read in a magazine that stores start to raise prices right after Halloween so that right after THanksgiving they can "drop" them even though they are higher then they were a month a go. (does that make sense) I am excited to check that website

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