Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday WI

OK, without fanfare this week. I gained 1lb.


  • I did no exercise except Thursday
  • I went over by an estimated 19pts on Sunday with very little whole foods included. The estimate is because the Blueberry Kruger/Danish thing I may have had more. I'm not beating myself up over 1 bad day, but it really took the wind out of my sails for the week.
  • I've stopped eating my snacks. I didn't think I 'needed' them anymore, but I'm going to start have a little something mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • This weight has been with me a lot longer (5+years) and I was around this weight for quite a while before 'movin on up'. I think our bodies 'settle' in periodically.

Plan for this week:

  • Implement XBX Plan - do Chart 1, Level 1 at least 4x
  • Walk and/or jog at least 30 mins 3x
  • Attend Dance/Yoga class
  • 2 fruit pts/day as part of my F&V
  • 8 +cups H2O/day
  • Maintain 25-26 pts/day - do not go over 28 pts even on weekends
  • Have snacks in morning and afternoon (ForV in am and carb or protein {pretzels, nuts} in pm)
  • Count pts, but stick as close to Core (whole foods) options as possible for main meals

C'mon Candace, we have 2 weeks left of Octoberbest, and need to kick start Christmas Challenge. If anyone else is interested in the Christmas Challenge, check out Carolyn or Randi's blogs (see links to left). I have a personal goal of getting to 148 by Christmas. It's doable, but whatever's been going on for the last 2 weeks has GOT to change.


dizzydazey said...
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dizzydazey said...

You've been doing so great - don't let one bad WI get you down. Sounds like you've figured out what happened and now you're ready to fix the problem.

Keep up the good work & thanks for all the comments! :o)

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