Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Anticipation

My activity this week has been little to none. I got a little over-tired and haven't gone for 1 walk, and have basically stopped my morning routine (this I feel badly about as I was doing so well).

A new week for the Octoberbest Challenge and with only a 2 weeks left I am determined to get back in the game. I am going to follow the XBX program I posted about Mon night, with only 3-4 work-outs/week. Other than that I want to just focus on walking, jogging only if I feel like it. Maybe I'll try the C25K in the winter (I'm hoping for a treadmill, but may end up joining a gym later if they have a 'membership waived' promo).

Sunday was bad food wise. As stated I was under the weather, but not sick to my stomach. I didn't feel like 'food prep' and picked at stuff I didn't buy for myself. How bad is that, and I know EVERYONE does this. Danish-type stuff for breakfast, and the seafood lasagna - 13 pts worth on Sunday, then pizza for 6pts, small piece of pie, large glass of wine. All totalled, I was over around 19 pts (couldn't get an accurate est on the danish stuff), but without excess quantity consumed. Just bad choices. Get over it, Get on with it.

Very little food to choose from Mon and Tues, but we didn't do so badly. I managed to stick with daily pts and get in my GHGs with 'odd' selections - at least odd to me. Last night I ended up needing an F&V and an oil and had 1pt left. No fruit in the house, so I fried up some frozen asparagus in olive oil, but a skimming of mayo on weight watcher bread and enjoyed for 1pt, an oil and an F&V. This would not have been a 1st choice, but it was good. After supper, the LO and I hit the grocery. We were scheduled to go to the pool, but with preschool starting she's picked up a bug and I'd rather her not be in the pool this week.

The scale has been sedate for 2 weeks now. This morning it still only looked to be just below 165, which means to me that tonight will be another stays same or minor move. It feels like a plateau, but I'll give this week my best shot to take that sucker down a notch.

I was thinking about not weighing in, but I want to every week until Octoberbest is over. I feel the need to be accountable to my group. After that, I may skip the odd week that I know I haven't had a change. I had the summer saver plan, so my first 15 weeks I was paid for anyway, but now I pay-as-I-go (or pay with coupons) and am just not sure how it works. Just wondering if, by not going, do I not have to pay? And how often can you do that without losing your 'paid-up' status.


BB said...

Good question about WW. I think the coupons count whether you go or not. I missed a few weeks & kept using the coupons. I told the WI lady and she said not to worry about it. Hmmmm....

Candace said...

Yeah, I must confirm because SOME things (paying during maintenance) don't seem to be uniform. If I have to pay anyway - YES - I'll go as I get a lot out of the meetings, but if I don't then it seem pointless to go when I know I get daily support on-line too. Missing 1x/month would save a few bucks and I'd still remain accountable.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

At our weight watchers you pay every week, even if you don't show up...

Sounds like we're in similar boats. I hate it.

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