Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Goal

With the wrap-up of Octoberbest in just over a week, I felt it was time to focus on a new challenge. Randi and Carolyn have great timing as I was just about to scour the Sparks pages for something else. Carolyn has listed participants and the range of weight loss is anywhere from 5-almost 20 lbs. I would like to meet my WW goal of 148 by Christmas. As the days progress I am questioning if this is doable. I will put my best foot forward, though and keep thinking that every week extra it takes me to get there is real cash out-of-hand. Yes, I could re-set my WW goal to as high as 160, but I don't really want to. I'm leaving the door open on this one, though and will be buying a book of 10 coupons once my book of 5 runs out. This will commit me on 2 levels.

Bad, Baby, Bad: My weekend food indulgences (not the best choices, but not horrible)
Fri night: Baked apples with LF margarine, brown sugar and cinnamon. (instead of the planned cantelope)
Sat supper: Small Tim Horton's Whole Wheat loaf (some bread gutted and discarded) with pizza sauce, some LF cheese and 4 Chicken meatballs. 1/8 of WW recipe apple pie
Sun evening: 3 oatmeal raisin cookies (4pts, 180 calories). I told Myself not to eat more than 1, but Myself didn't listen to I. After the third one, Me stepped in and put the bag away.

Cooking - trying to be healthy:
Apple pie using Splenda (even the crust)
Double-Baked potatoes - frozen for quick food. There was a lot of cheese in this (3cups for 23 halves, so 1/8C in each). I used Veggie cheddar and regular montery jack, but will need to look for a LF version next time. The 9yo really likes them - woohoo! I didn't have any of these and will need to calculate their pts
Eggplant/Zuchinni lasagna - 2nd time with this recipe. I left out the tofu this time, but didn't have cheese, so used a bit of mozza flavoured soy product.

I estimated on the high side for points. Went over 5pts on Fri and 9pts on Sat. I didn't finalize my pts for Sun yet and left my books at home. Today is going well. Monday and back to work always helps. I have my lasagna for lunch. Breakfast was yogurt, granola and berries (4pts) and coffee with 1/4C milk (1pt). I also have carrots, apple and orange for snack. If I get really hungry I'll have half a bagel with PB, but I don't think I'll need it.



CaRoLyN said...

Mmmm Menu sounds so yummy. I also overindulged on the weekend. No excuse for it. Only, I went WAY over. Still mad mt myself though. That was the LAST weekend over points. LAST ONE!

Glad you decided to join in the Christmas Challenge!! We can SO do this!!!

Randi said...

So glad our challenge is timed well for you. We planned that of course.
"I told Myself not to eat more than 1, but Myself didn't listen to I. After the third one, Me stepped in and put the bag away."
Story of my life! (but put much more humourously than I ever could!)

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