Monday, September 10, 2007

Swimming Away the Stress

Wow, what a great weekend. I bought some new-to-me 'duds on Thursday. Got them all washed up and ready to go. Got rid of a bunch of 16s on Sunday, woohoo!

Saturday afternoon I took the monkeys to the pool - our 1st trip to the indoor pool (Tues we missed the swim). The shallow end is 4ft, so the LO was in her lifejacket and had a noodle and just wanted to play on the table (they put it against the wall and she can stand waist deep). I took her out a bit and forced her to kick and follow me back to the 'board' as we call it. Next thing I know she was running down the board and jumping off with her noodle, kicking her way to the steps. Meanwhile, the 9yo was playing on the rope, diving board, and hanging around us. She was getting very annoyed as she thought this man was flirting with me. She reminded me that I was still overweight a number of times and was generally quite rude. I tried to tell her that Daddy was always chatty and with other Mom's. She responded, "Yeah, but... (huff), OK". I told Mark and he laughed that she felt she needed to 'protect' me (or maybe it was him she was protecting, lol).

On Sunday, hubby decided to come with us and was much impressed by the LOs comfort level in the water. She still thinks she needs the noodle, but she's having so much fun. I was glad Mark came with - not only did I get to go out in the deep end a couple of times with Ci, but it was nice just having us all do something together.

I made spaghetti squash with a tomatoe and bean type sauce (zuchinni, green cabbage, oregano, etc). I've only had spaghetti squash once before and didn't like it. I tried to eat it much like I've always eaten winter squash - as a side on its own with butter, not good. This time, even hubby liked it. I'm not having much luck with the kids, but I figure if I stop feeding them crap they're eventually gonna have to give in or starve.

I tried a new type of smoothie - Silken tofu based. Saturday morning I asked the 9yo if she felt like a chocolate and strawberry smoothie for breaky. The look said, 'YESSSS!' Soy chocolate drink, frozen strawberries, silken tofu, wheat germ and a bit of honey and you don't even know it's good for you. Yup, now she's hooked on silken tofu. Called me at the grocery last night to remind me to get more, LOL.

And finally, I started week 2 on my modified C25K. Well, I figured I could do more than 60 jog, 90 walk, but not 90 jog (as per schedule, see I found that 75/75 works well. Did that Saturday morning and again today (3.6km in just over 30 mis). Hubby is impressed, saying that I'm more motivated towards this than anything he's ever seen me work at before (meaning getting in shape). I guess he missed the hours I spent studying my arse off - or maybe I should say studying my arse on. But Mamma's takin' it off now! Anyone interested in getting rid of the flabby arse and replacing it with a tight one, this is where I got my glute exercises, These things are tough, but I'm going to keep doing them 3x/week - not the whole thing, I just picked 3 of the moves and will switch it up periodically. This would be considered part of my strength training, I guess, although I prefer to think of it as my butt workout.


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