Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Exercise, Gain - Reasons revealed

None of this is stuff we don't really already know, but to have it spelled out and put together so tight was a real revelation.

I would love to write this stuff and claim it as my own creation, but instead I'm going to tell you to go here (um, read the rest of my post first):, which explains, amongst other things, why it may take up to 6 weeks to see scale results after beginning to exercise. This lady also promotes the notion of strength training which I don't disagree with, but I personally need to build up slowly. As a side, I am very pleased with the amount of push-ups, crunches, and leg lifts (lay on side, lift top leg up, heel into thigh, down, repeat - 40 on each side, then later another 25) I can do after only a few weeks. I feel that I am adding muscle and trying to incorporate as many muscle groups as possible. Currently my resistance weight is just my own self, but that's good enough - for now. This site is awesome and full of information. I have added her link to the left:

And, on top of that, here is an excerpt from her most recent post which I found most interesting. I took my measurements 8 weeks ago. I will post the results of inches lost tomorrow after I can take new measurements - kiddo's decided that the tape was a toy and I have NO idea where it got.

I endlessly discuss how you cannot live by the scale. It is such an inaccurate way to see weightloss success.

1. It doesn’t tell you what type of weight you are losing. Plenty of people who burn, burn, burn on the cardio neglect to add in strength training to their routine. These people lose a combination of fat and MUSCLE. Losing muscle may drop the scale numbers, but it also drops your ability to burn calories. Your goal in weightloss is to maintain or slightly build your muscle tissues while focusing on burning the fat off your body.
2. The numbers on the scale are faulty at times. Day to day you can gain and lose up to three to four pounds. Factors that influence the scale are stress, sodium, water retention from weight training, dehydration, hormones and so on. Even weighing once a week can be deceptive and that’s why I look at four weeks of numbers before casting judgment on the success of an eating and exercising plan.

Inches on the other hand…ahhh…this is a good sign of successful weightloss. Let’s say you in month one you lose 5lbs. After the first month you take your measurements and see you have lost 8 inches. Wow! That means you are losing fluffy fat and people are noticing. Now, take an identical person who just dieted and didn’t really exercise much. They lose 8lbs but only lost 2.5 inches overall. This person likely lost a lot of muscle and some fat. Not only is their appearance to other people just about the same as it was 8lbs. ago, but they lost their lean, metabolically active muscle tissue in the process. What does this mean to you? Less food you can eat when you hit your goal weight, the risk of developing osteoporosis, and a flabby appearance.
Oh - and woohoo - the yoga room is upstairs from dance class (2 different businesses) and this year they have teamed up and are offering a 90 minute combo class (45/45). I talked to hubby and get to take it. I am sooooo excited as I don't have to choose;-))
Bought a 3-month pool membership last night. Open swim on Tuesday nights is out for 9yo as it conflicts with her competitive dance class, but there's still swims on weekends plus discounts on lessons.
Finally, I'm doing week 1, day 3 of C25K at noon. I brought a change of clothes and scoped out my route. Weigh-in is tonight, so will report weight and measurement results tomorrow.
Cheers, and Happy Hump Day!!!


marie said...

that is one of my biggest pet peeves - people who lament about weight gain from exercise and give up. i agree with #1 & 2 on her list. people usually take on more food when they exercise and aren't tracking honestly or they're retaining more water. they just have to wait it out and be more honest and they'll see the most amazing results!!

Randi said...

Look at you totally rocking the exercise plan! That's super awesome cool! Yay! Nice work on the push-ups etc, good start. Plus I'm excited for you and that class! I love fitness classes. I always work harder in them because I don't want other people to see me slacking. All that PLUS the pool, suweet. you are totally workin it.

Steph said...

Way to go girl - you are working it hardcore!! by the way, thanks for posting the phitandphat stuff - she has some great tips and I will visit our site often!!

I can't wait to hear how many inches you lost - good luck!

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