Friday, September 14, 2007

Dance, Yoga, Food

Yesterday I ended up using 3 WPs and met all of my GHGs. Not bad and I was comfortable with the volume. I think the potatoe-leek soup had just passed its prime and did a bit of a number on me. Next time it'll get frozen until eaten. I think I'll make some more this weekend.

Dance class was slow as we're just getting into the season after the summer off. A few newbies in class, so we're reviewing all of the basics regarding form, etc. The leg kicks across the floor helped to build up a bit of heart rate. Last year the class would have really pushed me, but I'm more toned than before going in. A few commented on my hair (shorter), saying they knew something was different. I just said 'thank-you' and smiled on the inside. I put 10 lbs at least on in front of them over the last 2 years, so really, I'm not down so much from when I started dancing.

Then upstairs to yoga. It was interesting. We did the plank and some other stretches that I've been using anyway. There was a fair bit of lwr ab exercises. 'Rock the Baby' lifts your foot up into the cradle of your arm and is not so pleasant with smelly feet. I did enjoy it - the plan is to go for the 1st 10 weeks then re-evaluate if I want to continue or go into the 'just dance' class. All-in-all it was 90 minutes well-spent. Someone said about the 'others' who chose not to take this class that they couldn't afford the extra time. We laughed and laughed! Yeah, an extra 30 minutes to MYSELF, without kids or chores. Good lord it's such a sacrifice!

Ci says she doesn't like tap (after I spent $100 on tap shoes since she's now in women's footwear - selection is small, too) and I told her to stick it out for 10 weeks and we'll re-evaluate. I also think it's important to have the right footwear - who wants to be on their feet for an hour every week in shoes that hurt. I still need to get her some jazz shoes and hip/hop sneakers as her feet just grew so much this summer. I told her that bad weeds grow fast in the sunshine.

Today's eats:
Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Crunch with soy drink - 5pts
Lunch: 6" Subway Sw Onion Chicken Terriyaki with extra oil - 8pts
Coffee with milk (x2) - 2pts
Coffee with blend - 1pt
Lg Apple - 2pts

This leaves 4DPs+3-4WPs for supper. I'll need to top up my dairy servings and get in a veggie. KD for the kids tonight and tomorrow is grocery day.

Water - 6cups so far
F&V - approx 2 on the sub+apple, 4/5
Dairy - 1.5/2
Oil - 2/2

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