Sunday, September 2, 2007

Staying Motivated and Moving

I finally found a link to the C25K this week. Not sure I'm gonna do it all, but I am gonna do week 1, at least for this week. Also, shaking up my morning routines and increasing time to 12 mins.

Day 1 - Glutes (3 types - 2 sets - 20 and 12) - no push-ups. Will do alternating toe touches and various other stretches instead, including some lunge-type activity I learned in dance class last year. I find daily push-ups too much on my arms.
Day 2 - Crunches (I did 60 Friday), push-ups (2 sets of 20), arm twirls, toe touches, leg lifts, etc.
Sundays - off

Sat/Mon/Wed - Daily walk will be done with 8 1-minute jogs. I did this yesterday with hubby and it wasn't too bad. WOW! Did I just say that? Also, I got permission to take some extra lunch time since I'm here late most nights (and Sundays, as in today)

I'm not doing bad on the food front. I've GOT to get some groceries, but it looks like I'm stuck until Tuesday evening now. Main bummer is that I have none of my milk or yogurt, we only have homogenized (my coffee 'cream') and regular soy drink (an extra point per cup). I could pick up 1% dairy at the convenience store - I hate dairy milk. My fault for not getting to the grocery before it closed.

Went shopping for school supplies yesterday. I love this annual trip. We got the stuff on the list, then went over to Cleve's (a local sporting goods store) to look at their sneakers. Ci has outgrown 'children's' shoes and is in a size 7. Wal Mart had nothing. She saw a couple pair that she liked. One was on sale, but the soles were discoloured. The others were not on sale. But wait, the lady said they were a part of a promotion where you buy 1, get the 2nd pair for $1. Ci was like, "I get 2 Pair!" - Uh, no honey. Yes mame, may I see those tres expensive walking shoes over there - yes - they are part of that promotion too? Yes! Great! I love them! No - I don't need to try on a different pair, these are fine. - Anyway, we both got sneakers, and at a price that I would have expected to pay for 2 pairs. My Reebok's are so comfortable.

Oh, and just because, here's the results of 14 weeks OP- the summer of change. I just can't believe how far I've come. The last few weeks have been slow from a weight-loss perspective (3.8 in 5 weeks), but activity has become much more regular and enjoyable. It's all good.


Colette said...

OMG I know what ya mean girly. My kids started back to school the 10th of June and my son who is in 7th grade wears a size 10!! Wait here's the best part...he will only wear one brand of shoes and they were like 79.00!!! Err I swear that about killed me. I told him he beter wear them til the SOLES fall off or else!!
Your doing great with your weightloss. Keep it up!

dizzydazey said...

Wow - you're doing great with all that activity! I'm so proud of you!

I looove school supplies! I try to bribe my friends with kids to let me go back to school shopping with them! :o) I'm such a dork, I know!

Have a Great Day & Keep Up the Good Work!!

BB said...

OK I'm in Candace...only the good things this week. We'll work on our attitudes together :)


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