Friday, January 25, 2008

Missing Cardio

So, if you're going to blow off an exercise session during the week, it's always best to make sure it's cardio. Never compromise strength training - EVER. All this week though, I have just felt like saying to heck with cardio. I had originally planned on a Monday night session, but was too tired. Fine, it's the start of the week. Then on Tuesday was my scheduled ST - and I kicked it.

Wednesday was a scheduled day off, but I promised myself I'd get that pesky cardio in. After WW meeting and getting thekids in bed it didn't happen. Then last night was my dance/yoga class and I skipped it. Why? I decided to get that shopping in.

I bought a few much-needed items. I bought a new 2qt. slow cooker since my other one got left on the stove-top last month. I also bought some workout gloves because I got a blister last week. I picked up a resistance band and was super happy with that. I also bought a Firm Dance cardio DVD. Believe this: I got up and did it this morning. I suspect once I'm used to the moves it'll be a good cardio session.

I think I'll put in a second cardio tonight to 'catch up'. Maybe the 9yo will do the video with me or maybe we'll dig out Twister Dance DVD.

Oh, and if you're ever wondering if you DO have a choice with food while you're out - the answer is a definative YES. Some of you may know that I've been packing a cooler since the start of WW last spring. Sometimes this gets a little old, but I think it has greatly contributed to my weight loss efforts. I have added a few things to my cooler the past couple of months, like my food slider (now it's always with me), a few Simple Pleasures lemon cookies (2 for 1pt), splenda packets, plastic utensils, copy of my food plan. So, while at Wally-World and feeling peckish as it was getting on after dinnertime already, I picked up some Source yogurt. Using my handy-dandy plastic spoon from my cooler I was able to suffice until I got home 45 minutes later. Oh, I won't tell you that I also had a 1pt WW chocolate coconut - well, OK I did. The rest of those nasty little devils have found their way to the back of my freezer until I reach lifetime and finish my latest challenge, Blast the Fat, where I'm working on building muscle and dropping fat.

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

That is an awesome idea... I used to pack snacks in the center console of my suburban but I've gotten out of the habit. I think I'll get back into that. You are rocking the weight loss these days!

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