Sunday, January 13, 2008


For those who care, there are 3 designations one can pursue in Canada for accounting designations. It's never simple, but the basics have historically been CA for financial accounting, CMA for management accounting and CGA who tries to cover it all - the CAs and CMAs will often say without much success. Well, now the CA and CMA associations have recognized the need to diversify and public accounting isn't just for CAs (at least not in most of the country).

Anonymous(?? - Whooooo are you? Are you? Are you? - yup I'm a CSI fan when I can catch it) asked what designation I was studying for. I am studying for the CGA and am currently taking PACE level MU1. I also still need to complete what CGA has decided to make level 4, FA4. Then onto the final 2 courses next year.

I hate studying. I hate having to leave my kids and lock myself away for upwards of 20+ hours a week on top of the 42.5+ I put into my job. It sucks. It is a balancing act. I only take 2 courses per year because I don't think it's fair to take more time away from the kids and husband than that. As for losing weight and beginning a healthy lifestyle, I only see that adding to all other aspects of my life. The added energy is just what I need so that I can make all of the little ends meet and not feeling like I'm burning the candle at both ends.

One of the things I do so I have more time with my kids is that I have chosen to workout from home. This allows me to do my workout while they are playing or watching a movie and cuts down on travel time to/from the gym. They are always wanting to work out with me, so I bought the 9yo some 1lb weights and the 4yo some 0.5lb weights. They were both excited at their gifts. They will never work through a full 40 minutes with me, but it does make them feel more a part of that aspect of my life.


Swizzlepop said...

I think it's great that you are including your kids in your workout. I still remember my mom doing exercise at home when I was a little girl and even though I struggle with an exercise routine I think it really helped me in knowing how important it is to take care of yourself.
You are setting a great example for your kids and it will stick with them forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Candace,

It's Anonymous(Julie). That's true, losing weight will give you more energy. While I studied I snacked so I gained weight through the program. Now that I've finished I'm getting healthy.

I did the MU1 course. For the exam, I would suggest doing lots of practise exmas (old exams). The exam will probably be a long one with cases, but just examine each case as if a client was asking you the questions.

I like the CGA and am glad I choose it over the other 2. One thing I dont' like is the little interaction with other students. EDNET is helping a little bit, but I still don't feel like i'm part of a large organization.

Good luck!

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