Thursday, January 24, 2008

WI at S/S

So, a 'Stay the Same' week for me - again. I'm not down about it though, oddly enough. I began working on a new 'toid' this week. For those who don't know what a 'toid' is, I got the term here and now can't get it out of my head. So, my new 'toid' is actually my shoulders and quads (oooh, real musculy names) as I've introduced the lateral arm raise last week. Judging my how I feel, something getting worked now wasn't in my previous program. So, I expect some water retention is happening.

Food wise, I've been planning what I eat and eating close to what I plan. Last night was supposed to be chicken night with the family, but the kids really wanted left-over bean burritos, so I had some salmon and we'll do either chicken or pork tonight. One or the other will have to make a trip to the freezer today though.

So dang if todays lunch wasn't supposed to be chicken left-overs. Good thing I cooked an extra salmon. Unfortunately I froze all of the rice last night and stupidly didn't break it up into serving sizes, so I guess just salmon and veggies at lunch - maybe a piece of toast. I want to make some soup this weekend, so I'll likely toss the rice in that.

Hmmm, what else? I called a local gym yesterday and found out they have passes of 10 or 20 for their classes for sale to non-members. They also have day passes, but I don't know if that'll get you into classes or not. I'm seriously thinking about doing something short of getting a membership. I've boughten 2 memberships in my day and find that intro fee such a rip off. If your product is that good you shouldn't have to force people into a big downpayment, IMHO. I lost out on my first when I moved across the country, and the second when I couldn't stand going to Curves any more. I actually don't have a problem getting my ST in at home, but would love any at-home cardio suggestions. I have NO equipment and NO videos, but if you have some good video suggestions I can pick them up when I go to buy my 12 pound weights next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Candace,

What gym did you call? I'd like to try something like that too. I've been to Nubody's in the past but I hate that they only have 1 year memberships. I like 8 or 10 weeks sessions.

The other idea is the Halifax Regional Municipality recreational programs. I've never taken one but I'm considering it in the spring. You can view the winter program online. Basically its 8-10 week programs of differnet activities like yoga or swimming.

For video's, I have Kathy Smith kickboxing and yoga videos. I love them both!

Cheers, Julie. :)

Candace said...

Thanks Julie. I'm actually in East Hants, but I do work in metro. I called Strides in Elmsdale, but will definately check out some of the other gyms in the area as well as HRM. I'm going to Winners at MicMac today and will pop by Zellers to check the videos. I can't think of anywhere else in the mall that would have some.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah that's a bit far for me, I live in Clayton Park. I may call around too. Zellers for sure. I got the yoga one there for 6.99. Usually there are big bin full of them. Julie.

CaRoLyN said...

I LOVE the gym classes because I find the time just flies by. Plus I find working out with free weights to be a bit boring to the classes at my gym help me to get in some strength training.

I go to the YMCA and the sign up fee was only $25 so it was too bad at all and you only have to pay it once. Also they don't have a cancellation fee and you only have to give 7 days notice.

Anyway glad to hear you are doing great in the workout dept. Keep it up! and don't sweat the STS on the scale! It'll be dropping in no time!

jodi said...

congrats on the maintain! i've tried really hard to be more positive about weeks i don't lose because (a) i didn't gain weight and (2) it just means a good loss is coming... :o)

i can't really recommend any good cardio videos but i do like the 10-minute solution series (esp. the pilates)... :o)

Randi said...

At home cardio. Darn my ideas are so limited. Where are you again? What's the weather like? If it's nice out, nothing can beat jogging/walking (even if you're a walker, doing just 1 minute jogs will help soooo much). If it's nasty cold (like I've got here) you can make up a circuit of jump rope, burpees, stair climbs, jumping jacks. Seriously, jump rope is supposed to be amazing if your joints can handle it. Heck you could just put some tunes on and get your groove on for 30 minutes. any sweating counts!

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