Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Post Holiday Weigh-In Fretting Post

OK, does that make any sense? Thought not. Don't worry, Be happy, lol.

I did enjoy my New Years Eve. I think I was good, from a non-tracking point-of-view. Without proof, I think I did OK, but maybe not as good as I could have - definately not as bad as I would have in previous years. I kind of let my hair down for a few days, but in a controlled fashion. For instance, I did watch what I ate through the day on both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, so I could relax and enjoy food that evening. I did eat healthier on days nothing was going on and asked hubby to remove certain temptations from site.

Unfortunately, someone brought a box of, presumably unwanted, truffles into work today. These, dear friends, are my weakness - but I will not give in today. I do have weigh-in tonight, and would really like to see a no change at worst (yeah, I'm not even thinking loss). Wish me luck.

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Swizzlepop said...

You said it yourself, UNWANTED truffles. NO ONE including YOU wants them because they are gross and stale. Just keep telling yourself that ;).
Good luck at WI tonight.
Happy New Year!

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