Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday stress day?

OK, usually my Wednesday post is filled with all the bad stuff I have done during the week and stressing out about the scale tonight at weigh-in. Sorry to disappoint you this week, but instead I'm gonna tell you about the awesome workout I had last night.

Hubby took Ci down to dance class and then visited a friend. He arrived home much later just in time to catch a snack before going to pick Ci up again. J and I made good use of our time.

First I hauled out the weights, my ST schedule and my yoga matt. At the yoga matt J got very excited and required me to also get the broom ( I use the broom to hold behind the neck for some squats for form and she likes to hold it and jump up and down ). J decided to put 'her' yoga matt in the kitchen, so I made her promise that I could use it for push-ups.

We decided to put some music on and I chose Van Morrison. Well, she cried and cried 'till I put on some pylo hard rock crap of Mark's. Dang! So, she rocked out then crawled up on the couch and fell asleep while I worked out. I've never seen anything like that - being able to sleep to that - I turned it off as soon as she was good and asleep.

I pushed the weights, going with 10 punders, but needed to switch down to the 8's for a couple of arm-only moves. I feel that I could go for 12s or more on a couple of the moves, but don't have them yet. It was a good sweat. Then I did some jumping jacks and hiked the stairs before the monkey woke up crying and crying. Don't know what I did, but she was m-a-d at me. Luckily the man came home and took her with him to get Ci. Me? - I fell asleep.


Swizzlepop said...

Sounds like a great home workout despite the crying and not sharing of the yoga mat :P. Great job on moving up to the 10lbs! Keep it up!

No Where to Run ... said...

i SO love a good workout! it makes everything else that didn't go right just disappear, don't it?

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