Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend and Cardio with 'The Man'

The weekend ended off in more of a weak-end, if you know what I mean. It was really just one splurge night, but the thing that gets me is that, when the event popped up last minute I quickly developed a loose 'plan'. I should have written it down. I'm not even going to calculate the points for a high-fat Chinese food and chicken wing dinner. I didn't go wayyyy overboard, just more than I am comfortable with. Also, skipped out on anymore cardio for the week Mon-Sun. Ended the week having done 2 Strength sessions and 1 cardio + a quick walk after Saturdays ST session. It was freezing out and even Baloo was contesting the walk.

So, Sunday night I did a kick-ass abs session. My gut is still burning today. Corinne challenged all Blast The Fat challengers to complete an insane abs session before the week is over. I took a look at it and will attempt it, but I can't promise my core will complete the quantity outlined. Check it out, give it a go, and let me know how YOU did.

Last night I convinced hubby, who does seasonal physical work, to join me in a cardio session. This is one of the cardio no-equipment routines Corinne developed for upper body. We decided that, on the 2 minute stairs parts, that he would take the high road (go upstairs) and I'd take the low road (to basement). He was DIEing. After less than 1.5 minutes of jumping jacks he was thinking I was crazy. Everytime we switched he tried to sit down and I'd call out, 1 minute dips or what-have-you. I found it hard, too, but not as bad as he did, lol. I think he convinced himself to start doing something or he's going to be in a world of pain when work starts up again. I told him we'd do the ab challenge (above) together tomorrow night.


Janet said...

Weekends are so tough! I'm fine as long as I sit at home by myself, or even with friends (though I have one friend that everytime I get a salad with the dressing on the side he just looks at me and shakes his head.)around whom this is just the way I've always eaten.

Good job and getting the exercise picked back up!

HappyBlogChick said...

Way to go on the exercise. I worked out with my hubby last night, too, and I too managed to work the cardio a little longer and a little harder. Granted, he lifted heavier weights ...

Yay for not going waaaaay overboard over the weekend. And good for you for being able to look back and figure out a specific "I should have done X" (where X = writing down your plan). That'll help you next time.

I'm going to check out that abs thang. Thanks for the tip.

Steph said...

Look at you getting PHAT!! I'm going to try Corrine's challenge Ab Blaster at some point this week but truth be told - I'M SCARED!!! She is hardcore.

So I'm also giving you a gold star for beating hubby up at cardio - can you say "GiRl PoWeR!!!" - you are doing us girls proud!!

Swizzlepop said...

I saw that ab routine and want to try it but it also totally scares me. Maybe if I just start out slow with a couple of each move. I'll let ya know if I do.

Congrats on not totally going overboard on the Chinese and fro still going on your walk despite the cold.

Will we get to see any progress pictures of the before and after with PNP?

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