Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not ready to post pictures yet.

Swizz asked if I was going to post progress pictures of my PnP progress. I will - someday. I didn't take any when I started the end of November, but did take a few for the beginning of Blast the Fat Challenge. We will take more after the challenge and, depending on if I can see differences, I may post them both. This is huge, because of the way I have 'shrunk'. My tummy is still 'out there'. Head on - great. I can look in the mirror from the back side and say, "Not Bad". Then turn slightly and...ooooh, there it is. And, the progress pics are in workout shorts and a sports bra, so not much hiding behind clothes there.

Funny, in my July picture, it really isn't so bad (except the hair - what's up with that?), but I know that when I turned sideways my belly and butt were huge. I remember walking by windows, getting a glimpse and thinking, "I look like I swallowed a beach ball - an oblong beach ball.". Well, I guess I still feel that way about my front and, while I can put it down in words, I can't share the photos just yet - although I did send them to Corinne. I am hopeful that some sculpting will help carve some of that off. I know that after Ci was borne, my belly went back to normal (the bulge went back to below the belly button zone), but after J it decided to stay up high - it's also lop-sided, so I'm not sure what she was doing in there. I hoped that dropping weight would be enough, but it just wasn't.

To further emphathize, when I calculated my body fat index, it read around 30 (not so good)when I just put my core measurements in. Then dropped to less than 25 (healthy, thank you) after my arm and wrist were entered. I know I can make this work, and have found something that I have been able to stick with for 2 months now. That's impressive given my track record.

I will report monthly inches lost. Friday is measurement day, so I'll get those out soon. And seriously, we're just starting week 3 of the 12 week challenge, if there is a nice change, I will definately post my before AND after pictures. Hopefully my hair will have grown out some by then - I hate the in-between stages.

Oh, and I'll only be doing what I can for that abs routine, Swizz. I tend to not complete most of Corinne's non-strenght training workouts as written because I am a beginner and they would seriously kill me. So try it out and let me know what you think. I'm gonna have a go at it Wednesday evening. My tummy still hurts from another of her ab torture supersets I did on Sunday night. It seriously got my hear rate up and I was popping a sweat. I went to bed right after and couldn't get under the covers I was so heated up. I could only do 80% of the MINIMUM for that one.


Steph said...

I can't wait to hear how many inches you have lost - you are really working hard at this and I'm sure it is paying off. I also think that you look in the mirror and see a different reflection of yourself......I think we all see a larger image of ourselves - my larger image just happens to be pointing and laughing right now!!

On to your comment on my last post - thanks so much for the kick in the butt. I totally agree with you on the breakfast thing and on eating after the gym - I just have to find that balance of eating to fuel my workouts versus just EATING. Last night was much better - I really tried to listen to my body and eat for fuel/strength.

I am going to take your advice on the cooler - it's stupid because I have a soft sided one in my cabinets.......I typically just go out for a salad everyday at lunch but packing the cooler would give me snacks and be more affordable.....somedays I wonder how I managed to lose so much weight when I act so dumb sometimes!

Thanks again for your advice and support - you really are great!! I'm going to try that ab routine either tonight or Friday since I won't be at the gym.......only problem is, I'M SCARED!!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I relate to your belly issues. I SO relate.

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