Monday, February 4, 2008

Back to work week

Wow, the weekend FLEW by. I really wish there was more of it. After the usual Saturday morning (sleep-in, breakfast, dance class for the LO, lunch) we decided to pack up and head into mil's. Hubby thought we'd take her out to the Big Stop for supper so she could order fish and chips. I got a club house and packaged half the sandwich. All-in-all the service sucked and if it were up to me, the waitress wouldn't have received a tip. She cut me off when I tried to order for the table and took orders directly from the kids (who DOES that?), she didn't bring colouring pages or crayons even after we inquired about the cost of the Doodles (she didn't know and we could go ask out in the store). Afterwards I noticed crayons at another table that had been vacated. She also 'presumed' that the man was paying and gave the cheque directly to him. This was it for me and I just handed him my credit card and asked him to deal so I wouldn't say something embarassing in front of mil. Hubby said he was resentful even giving her $3. However, the food was good and we enjoyed each other and the kids were great.

Mil's fishtank has been leaking through the filter. I think there's floor damage now. Mark and his sister are supposedly going to get rid of everything on Tuesday. Nasty business, fish are.

Took the kids to the playground yesterday and for a walk on a little nature loop. The 9yo fell frequently and her knee is a bit banged up today. We spent a lot of time trying to break the ice up off mil's driveway. It was downright dangerous when we got there. We complained to sil about the VON coming in and getting hurt. Well, she had little sympathy being a VON herself and informed us this was nothing. We felt it was dangerous to us, our children, and left mil as pretty much a shut-in, so away we banged and salted.

Got in a good workout last night. The 9yo tried to work it too with her 1lb weights. She didn't do too badly. It was nice to be home again.

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