Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tired and a bit Blah

Seems like I'm a bit over-tired this week. Working late the past couple of nights and not getting enough rest or exercise, so I've been keeping the calories low. Unfortunately the past couple of days have involved a bit of sodium-filled frozen dinners, so I'm thinking of waiting until tomorrow or Friday for weigh-in. As this is the month-end weigh-in I'd like it not to reflect the 2.6lbs I lost last week as water retention:0) It's also measurement week, so the truth will come out and I'm just not sure I'm ready for it.

So, I have debated how to go about my exercise week since I'm starting to run our of time.

Mon: was day off
Tues: was day off
Wed: I'm thinking cardio night and skipping WI (see above)
Thurs: upper body ST followed by token cardio
Fri: lwr body ST followed by token cardio
Sat: Cardio morning
Sun: upper body ST followed by token cardio

This is a week off for dance/yoga as we're between sessions now. Next week is onto the last leg of the year and by the end of May it'll all be over but the recital, which I'm not in. But, the girls will be. I'm thinking of taking J out next year and putting her in skating and Sparks instead. We can always switch her back as the sessions run fairly similar. I'm just tired of trying to coerce them into doing things they don't want to do, but do want them to try things and be active, so hopefully we'll find J's niche. Ci loves dance and wants to do ballet next year instead of tap. Hiphop and Jazz are givens. She needs 3 classes to compete, so there you go.


Unknown said...

You are the master - the link thing worked - woohoo!! Thanks for teaching me something new AGAIN!

Don't beat yourself up to bad on the exercise front.........some weeks it's just rough and you need to rest a little more than others. Remember the most important thing is to listen to your body and that 90% of your results come from what you put in your mouth soooooo - if you are watching that then you should be safe. Good luck and no matter what you are looking HOT!!!

Angela Power said...

Hey Candace! You are doing so well and soooooo close to your WW goal! WTG!!!!!!

RYC: Yup, I go to the DalPlex. I started going there as a transition from physiotherapy post MVA because they have a swimming pool and it was going to be a part of my rehab to do exercise in the pool. I'm not sure of any other facility in metro who has a track. Sackville or Dartmouth Sportsplexes would be where I'd check first.

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