Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Checking out the Blogs today

Popped around and read a few blogs today. Had to check in on Swizz, Steph, Tina, Becky and the Mouse - to name a few. Didn't really post comments today - just sort of in a reading mood. Been busy lately and miss ya'll. Will catch up more soon. Oh, and for those who don't know, Dizzy made another blog post and has names for the boogers.


marie said...

I love being called the mouse :P

I SUCK at commenting lately.


can you tell my manager just left?


Unknown said...

Funny, I've been reading and not blogging.........I'm actually on vacation right now so the prep for leaving took so much time! Glad that you are just enjoying reading and relaxing.

HUGS my friend

Swizzlepop said...

Thanks for checking on me :)
I've been reading more than commenting more lately too. Guess we're all a little busy with work which is taking away blog time. LOL

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