Monday, February 11, 2008

I joined a GYM!

I figured since everyone else was getting a piece of Gym, I needed some of him too. So, I checked out a couple of the local Gym's (apparently he's so in demand that more than one is needed in each community) and decided that the one with the $30 admin fee (vs. $200) would temporarily get to spend time with moi.

So, my Gym is nothing fancy. No aeorbics room or cardio classes offered. What is offered is machines, free weights, some stability balls and 1 step-up (just one - yikes). Also crammed into the cardio area are several machines.

I've decided to stick with my at-home workouts for the next 2 weeks. The routine I'm currently doing is quite challenging for me. After that I'm ready for a new schedule and will incorporate some of the machines. I did a short tm routine after ST on Saturday and went back for 35 more minutes on the tm last night. The routine is one that involves side shuffles and walking backwards on the tm. The back of my legs are tender today. If you want to try something new, slow down the tm and increase the incline. Then turn yourself around by placing feet on the sides. Good times, good times. A couple minutes backwards then a minute forwards. Lots of good times and some strange looks. My gym is obviously very conservative.

Plan for this week:
Monday: ST tonight with 20 minutes on tm (Baby's Got Back - see above)
Tuesday: Gonna try a 20 minute HIIT routine on elliptical or bike
Wednesday: DOR (Day of Rest) and WW weigh-in meeting
Thursday: Dance/yoga - 90 minute low-intensity session
Friday: DOR
Saturday: ST in morning with 20 minutes on tm (Around the World)
Sunday: 50 minute cardio routine (TBA)

We wrote out some suppers, but I have to plan my food for this week. There's a lot of leftovers right now in the fridge, so hubby is going to have to figure some of that out.

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the gym membership. I like going to the gym mainly because I get to be around others who are health conscious and working towards their health goals. It helps to inspire me and help me stay focused. The cute boys are pretty nice

Swizzlepop said...

Congrats on joining the gym, that's great! You carack me up with your routine. I'd totally fly off the machine if I tried that because I'd end up forgetting what direction I was going and then just lose it all together LOL.

marie said...

YAY for gym memberships!

Enjoy it!! :)

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