Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why do you want to lose weight?

Oh, I'm not getting all philosophical on you. Roni is.

So, Roni has put this out there and has received a tonne of responses. I decided to post here to share with everyone my response.

Last spring I was worried about my upcoming 'annual' - you know the one - feet in stirrups and a bunch of bloodwork for all the preventable diseases in your family history. Well, I was nervous about this for a couple of reasons. First, I've known my doctor for a while and he's watched as year-after-year I've packed on the pounds. He sat with me as I cried after my Dad passed away and has always been very kind to me and my family. I was embarrassed for him to see me heavier yet again. I was also worried for the first time about test results. Thyroid, diabetes and other health issues could really negatively impact my life. My heart palpitations had started acting up again. A diabetic diagnosis would mean not being able to get life insurance in the future on loans, etc. Yeah, I was nervous. It was triggered by wanting to get HEALTHY.

Then there was the move to get back to the old me. The 140-145lb me. What I discovered was that, the 170lb losing weight me was more healthy than the old 140-145lb me. Now I entered the vanity zone. For the first time in a long time I wanted clothes that showed off my bootie. I wanted bras that 'lifted me higher' (why do I want to sing that?). But, health still plays a huge part.

At 160 lbs I discovered that, although my frame had shrunk, I was still the general shape I was when I was bigger. I could hide this form under some clothes, but the thighs are thicker than they should be and the tummy still rides high. I had been reading Phit-n-Phat and finally accepted that exercise had to be a part of the equation. Again, it's about health. It's about a level of health that I have never known before. It's about more than health, but fitness. It's about being the best 'me' I can be, physically. This has given me renewed motivation and energy. It has allowed me to think about the possibilities for the future.

I look at many of the bloggers I consider my friends and realize that those who are truly successes have embraced exercise, be it running (the Mouse), spinning (Steph), yoga (Swizz), weights (Randi), rock wall climbing (Roni) or just rockin' the cardio. These people don't do just these exercises alone - these are just the ones I know them best for. For me, I love to lift. I also want to jog and will attempt C25K again this spring. Of course I enjoy dancing and I have introduced some yoga this year. I'm not that good at any of this stuff - but I'm getting better every day. I have stopped thinking of walks with the kids as exercise and have come to a place where I have the energy to go and enjoy the walk. This is where I wanted to be.

BUT, there's more. I also want MORE energy. I want it ALL. I want a crazy body that men drool over too. Hope I'm not asking for too much.


The Price's Wife said...

Me too, me too! I want it ALL and then some!

Randi said...

Now you know I'm addicted to seeing my name in other people's posts so are you just playing to my vanity here or what? I absolutely love that I may have had a hand in inspiring you to kick up the exercise. (Especially if it's strength related exercise!!!) Why shouldn't you be the best you you can be? Yes physically, but I've learned that the better I am physically, the better I am health wise, and mentally as well (well except the vanity goes up, but what the hell, we all have problems) ;)

You want what we all want. I'm sick of wanting it, let's have it shall we?

Swizzlepop said...

There is nothing wrong with wanting it all. I like to think of that as goal oriented :). I just took a Flamenco class yesterday and plan to go back to dancing because it makes me happy, more confident and my body really responds well to dance.
You are doing so well with your workouts, I think you just need to let it sink in, that you too are succeeding with the exercise! Your pants aren't falling down for nothing :)

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