Friday, February 1, 2008

Need a New Doo - What do you think.

This is the original short from last summer. My hair is longer now, but at that in-between stage. I decided to test some different styles and colours out using This site allows you to super-impose your face into those of celebrities, so the options are a little limited. I don't make a pretty Tom Cruise or Oprah, but these are some of my fav's.

I've gone blonde before, but don't know about this blonde until closer to summer. I've given serious thought to bringing this into the hairdresser and telling her this is what I want to get to next. I think it's totally doable within a couple of months. I do prefer long bangs and adding a few extra foils each month or so could be fun.

This is more like what I used to have. I like it, but the style is a ways off for me. I think the shorter style above would look nice in this colour even.

This is me superimposed on Eva Longoria's face. It's a little more straight-laced, but I was wondering if I could have her boobs. I wonder what that would run me.

And, just for fun, I'm a Spice Girl. I LOVE this. Looks like I need to pluck the double eyebrown though, lol.


Unknown said...

these are great, i definitely like #2 and #3 - you look awesome as a blonde... and yea, i'm biased... ;o)

Randi said...

These are so fun! I wanna try! I like the blonde style best, but just less blond. A warm brown would be nice, then just add highlights closer to summer.

oh - I used to get protein powder from melaluca (this mail order company that sells "healthy" type stuff. But it got too expensive. Now I'm just a walmart person, whatever's cheapest. I'll have to check out superstore and that website though! Thanks!)

Carolyn said...

I like # 2 and #3 the best! That is so fun! I want to try now! I need a new do too!

Unknown said...

If you can find a salon that will give you Eva's boobs then I'm flying up north Sister!! Heck at this point, I'd take ANY boobs......mine look like 2 figs hanging from a tree branch - LOL!!

Thanks for checking up on me - it was a rough day on Friday and although I did totally bust it at the gym on Saturday - Sunday was rough too. I know that the artifical hormones are really messing with my emotions and my weight. I continue to gain despite working out and it really is sending me into a frenzy. I'm feeling more like myself today and I know that "this too shall pass". Until it does, I'll just keep plugging along! BTW - started eating breakfast (even just a half of a sandwich has made a huge improvement for me - thanks for that kick in the azz!)

So now on to the hair - I think the short blonde is really really really cute and would give you a sassy, take that look........that suits your personality too!! You know "Take that Mr. Scale"!

Hugs to you and thanks again for always being there! I heart you!

HappyBlogChick said...

OH, the spice girl look is the one for you, double eyebrow and all.

Seriously, I agree w/ randi's opinion ... cute cute!

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