Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Elliptical seemed like a good idea...

until I decided to stop.

It didn't.

Luckily I kept my balance as it lifted me up on one foot. The other 2 (thank goodness there were only 2, and they seemed really nice) people in the cardio room looked on in shock as I tried to maintain balance as the evil machine kept taking me up, down, up, down on one leg until it got tired. "Whoa, I've, ummm, never used this machine before." The lady said she couldn't use those because they bothered her knee. Woohoo - what a great excuse to ditch the machine. "Really? My knee has been bothering me for a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll try the spin bike. I've never used it, either."

They suggested I book my appointment with a personal trainer (the free 1 hour session) and learn how to use the various machines. Um, Ya. So glad I didn't fall off - those things are high.

Speaking of knees - I'm gonna go get fitted for some new sneaks. Hoping that's all that's wrong with my knee. Maybe at noon today - there's a Running Room just down the road.


HappyBlogChick said...

Good shoes do make a difference. Hope that helps!

And I'm glad to hear you didn't have a tragic elliptical accident. Yikes. Getting that free training session seems like a good idea - I've learned a lot from our 1x per week group trainer. I was using some machines wrong - who knew?

Unknown said...

i have yet to fall off a machine but have seen plenty who have... ouch! is all i can say... ;o)

i've never been 'fitted' for sneakers either, they said in my clinic last year that the worst thing you could do - was buy shoes off the shelf... i had to snicker because both of mine were purchased at kohl's (shhh)... :o)

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