Friday, August 24, 2007


The government of Canada's Ocean Playground has determined that the term Newf is offensive and will no longer issue personalized license plates with this term on it. However, they have 'grandfathered' an applicate from last spring and will be issuing NEWF3 for her motorcycle. To clarify, Newf, or Newfie is a term used in reference to residents from Newfoundland. If it really is offensive, I would think re-calling the ones already issued would be more appropriate. If any Newf's happen across this blog entry, I'd be interested to know how you feel about this offensive word. Is it really another 'N' word? I don't think so! My sis and her family reside in Newfieville, The Rock, or simply Newfoundland - I think I'll ask her as well. I am very conscious of wanting to be politically correct, but am I being ignorant in just not 'getting' this one?
Maybe the term 'Bluenoser' ought to be deemed offensive as well. For those not 'in-the-know' that is the term used to reference Nova Scotian's (after the famous Bluenose sailing ship) and is usually portrayed that we have big blue noses from, hic, drinking too much alcohol. Hic - be sure not to drink and swim while visiting Canadia Osen Play Gownd. And don't get sick on my shoe's either, you drunk bassssturd!

Just got a call from a retired friend of ours looking for Mark. He's 2lbs away from his 10% and wants us to go visit so I can enjoy some of his homemade wine and beer. We've decided that Mark will need to stay sober, which he just won't like at all.

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yah, I'm REALLY missing this one... Must be a Canadian thing because I have no clue what that even is!!

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