Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Forecasts, Foodflux, Flabfooled

Well, I thought I'd attempt Wendie this week and, well, forecasting foodflux's to fool the flab isn't as easy as it seems. Planning a little off. Saturday evening I went out with my daughter and, with 6 pts left and no books tried to figure out what to order from McDonald's while I was famished. There was really no other place to go (we were shopping at Wal-Mart and it was already after 9pm and they close at 10). I tried, but ended up 4 pts over for the day. Sunday we ended up running into m-i-l's and I had, once again, left all of my books at home. I had no idea what I was shooting for and ordered from Subway. Monday I made a subraction error first thing in the morning and only found it today.

Yesterday I was stuffed. Stuffed on 24 pts! I think this is quite the thing, so I'm gonna post my menu:
And, the recipe for the Chicken Casserole - I've been told by a chef friend that there is no substitution for rosemary, but it does dry well, so she gave me some. The recipe as stated below was calculated at 24pts and I divided it in 4 for 6pt meals:

I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts that were pre-cooked and I wanted to use them up - this could have added to the dryness so I added broth - I also added the chicken in step 2 as it didn't need cooking.


dizzydazey said...

I really think that the point of Wendie's is to have high days and low days - without going over WP's. So I think you did great!

Keep up the good work!

Happy Tuesday!!

Colette said...

Candace~ I think it's a fluke.. meaning the weightloss. I am sure I will bounce back because I have been on a plateau.
But I did weigh myself twice to be sure and it stayed the same! I am keeping my fingers crossed it holds!
Your doing good on Wendie... I am too chicken to try it. Have a great day.

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