Thursday, August 23, 2007

Attempting Activity

Compared to most of you, my activity has been lame. Even the goals I set for myself I only met 2/6 of them; although others were attempted which is good, I guess. This week, I have decided to do the following:

Morning 'stretches' - alternating days because if you work your glutes without a break it could do damage to the muscles. I presume this applies to other muscles as well:
Day 1:
- Glute exercises - 3 sets each of 3 types. On all 4's for all of these
- Knee into chest then kick back. Do set, then repeat other leg.
- Knee out to side keeping leg bent then back to ground. Do set, then repeat other leg
- Knee out to side, leg bent and kick leg back, return, repeat. Do set, then repeat other leg
- Repeat for set 2, then 3 taking breaks to do the 'doggy' or 'kitty' stretch when your butt feels it's on fire.
- A few push-ups, girly-style stopping to stretch arms and cry, but then think of jfarley and jynell and go again. It's very important to cry during this process to work out your face muscles as well.
Day 2:
- Push ups as in day 1 - try to do 3 sets of 10 without too much cussing - but it's good that the girls are still sleeping.
- After each set of push-ups, get arms under you at a right angle, get up on toes keeping body flat. Hold for as long as you can. Sounds so simple, doesn't it?
- crunches of all sorts - straight up, side-to-side.

All days:
- various stretches such as toe touching attempts, shoulder rolls and neck rolls as warm-up and cool down.

Daily walks: I can't seem to find the time, or I just don't find the time, after work. So, in my half hour lunch I put on my sneakers and walk for 20 minutes. This may not be a lot, but it is something. And, being in a industrial park that takes 20 minutes to get anywhere, what else am I gonna do with that time other than sit in the lunchroom or work?

I've actually managed this since Monday, so who knows. The pool is closing for the year this weekend and it will be mid-September before any other 'activity' starts. Hubby may want me to choose 2 things only so we'll see. The 9yo will be in jazz/hiphop and is also thinking about ballet this year, plus she'll be 1st year Guiding. The 4yo is in creative movement dance class. Hubby really wants to join a gym and I'm thinking that, since he'll be studying in September, that it'll be October. I've tried to convince him to go to one that is month-to-month, but it doesn't have trainers on staff. Plus I'm buying a family membership at the local indoor pool. I say this every year, but especially with the 4yo just now putting her head under water it's a perfect time to stay swimming.


jodi said...

just wanted to congratulate you on making it to your 10% - that's an awesome goal to have achieved! :o)

dizzydazey said...

Big Kudos on all that activity. I have such a hard time with exercise,too, and I'm uber impressed with your success! I know you can keep it up!!

Have a Great Weekend!

Randi said...

You know what, I think these are pretty darn good exercises, 10 minutes or whatever. But I sorta think any exercises are pretty darn good. IDEALLY you'd be doing some full body exercises such as squats or lunges. The more muscles you use in an exercise the more calories you burn and the more "afterburn" effect you get as well (basically increasing calories burned after exercising). Love the pushups though! and the other thing is called a plank. awesome.

Jynell said...

Candace- keep going!!! I may seem like progress is slow & the exercises are difficult now, but if you stick with it YOU WILL MAKE IT!!! A lot of the exercises you've listed are ones that we do in Boot Camp. Many I could barely do when I started, but I guarantee- stick with it & you'll be amazed by the strength you gain!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :D

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