Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UN-Hungry Day!

UNDER-Estimating points? I'm not talking about on a product, but rather a day. Yesterday I diligently wrote down everything I ate, but didn't calculate points until this morning. This is how it went down, and some of the values are estimates as I don't have my books on me:

1C LF Vanilla Yogurt, 1C cubed watermelon and 1/8C wheat germ (4pts)
6oz instant coffee with 1/4C whole milk (1pt)
1.5oz pork chop, 1/2C brown rice, 2Tbsp soy ginger sauce, 1C peas (6pts)
1.5C grapes and 1/4C pretzels (2.5pts)
3oz salmon, 1C mixed veggies, 1/2C Basmati Rice with soy sauce (3.5pts)
6-8 nibs (1pt)?
around 2/3 of choc covered peanut granola bar (2pts)

If I did this right, I think I got to 22 pts. The down side is that my meat and soy drink portions are over-estimated I think, but veggies really do have calories, so maybe it works out OK anyway. Funny thing is, I really didn't want/need the nibs or granola bar and only ate them 'cause the kids didn't want them.

I'm finding that lately I'm really not that hungry and am pushing to meet the minimum points. In trying to eat a piece of pizza Saturday night to test the Wendie theory, I had to really push, and still left a fair bit of crust on the plate. Or maybe it was the fact that we were watching '300' that my appetite left - the violence, not the movie - the movie was top-notch. I also finally saw 'The Departed' this weekend. It was also top-notch

The Departed and 300:
If I had to only recommend one of these movies that I saw on the weekend, it is a close call, but it would have to be The Departed. Jack Nicholson was great! Leonard DiCaprio has, IMO, always just been a good actor. He exceeded - must really be coming into his own - my expectations, and for the first time I can say he was definately yum! Martin Sheen and Matt Damon also gave good performances. Alex Baldwin was typically yuck, but you just had to watch. Marky-Mark, bless his soul, has come a long ways and I enjoyed his portrayal of the aggressive good cop. I expected Anthony Anderson to have a bigger part when I first saw him, but the scenes he was in were all the better for it. Vera Farmiga was perfect in the sole female role worth mentioning. Her scenes with Leonardo were very well done.


dizzydazey said...

Whoa! Not being able to get in all of your points? I *think* I can remember having a problem with this, but it's such a distant memory...

I say enjoy it! But it's good that you're trying to get it all in - we all know that consistantly eating under points will equal a stall.

Keep up the good work!!

jodi said...

i don't think i've ever had an issue w/getting all my points - i'm such a structured eating pattern that my body tells me when i need to eat... and i can NEVER leave a pizza crust uneaten, that's the best part! :o)

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