Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday WI - Down .2

I am now officially 167.6lbs. I've been thinking since last night how I was going to post todays WI without sounding whiny. Fact is, I think this is the first WI where I've been disappointed - sorry, I can't help it. I worked hard this week, sticking to plan. Sure I tried Wendy, but that is still within the confines of the plan. I've been getting in activity for more than a week now. Logically I know that there are explanations, so I am going to outline all of the reasons I may not have seen a larger loss.

  1. Maybe the push-ups, glute exercises and crunches are causing muscle to develope. I also read that when muscle is developing it tends to hold water to protect itself.
  2. Although it isn't humid and I've been drinking my water lately, I have noticed some water retention (see my Monday post re: an 8lb gain on Sunday morn). I cannot pin-point what could be causing this, but I can feel it on my ring finger and in my feet when I go to bed. Then I drink, pee, and feel better, but the retention comes out of nowhere.
  3. Last week I wore a long flowy dress and this week I wore a light tank top and not-so-light capri's. The pants may have added to the scale, although without a digital scale to weigh the outfits, I can't tell by how much. Next week I'll wear the dress again and take a 2-week average.
  4. I ate late last Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (after 8pm) due to working late and shopping. Although points were within plan I need to be careful of eating late.

So maybe it was one, a combination, or all of these things that caused a less than stellar week. I guess I should be grateful it didn't go in the other direction. I wonder if they would have taken my key chain away? And, writing these things out has helped me to feel better.

On the plus side, I won a recipe book. Fiona, the leader, asked if anyone had a completed tracker. She's from England and the term tracker seems to throw everyone off for a few seconds. I immediately raised my hand and said, "I do, I do." so she gave me the book. It's a 'comfort food' one. Hubby and I went through it last night and it looks really good. I looked at one recipe and said, "That looks good, but look at all of the ingredients!" That usually discourages me. But when I went through them I thought, this isn't so bad. It wasn't ingredients where you have to buy a pound of something but only need 2Tbsp - they were fairly common ingredients, most of which I have. I always hate those books/recipes that call for stuff that I don't even know what it is, like polenta. Or stuff I can't get, like edamane. Ahhh, OK, 'nuff



dizzydazey said...

It's okay to have a whiny post every now and then - but just remember that a loss is a loss. It shows you're working the program and other stuff just got in the scale's way.

You're doing great! Just keep up that good work!! :o)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I've had a couple of weeks like that... and you're probably right, it's probably a combination of water and clothes... You can anticipate a GREAT weigh in next week I'm sure... It always works that way for me!

WeightBGone said...

A combination of many things can slow down weight loss its happened to me many times. You will see good results down the road if you keep at it.

I have the "Comfort Food" cookbook and love the recipes in there. Congrats on winning it!

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