Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Monday

Just a quick post to say Happy Monday. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and ate healthy. If you did have some run-ins with excess points, I hope you forgave yourself and look forward to an amazing week. In the spirit of the Wendie plan (site obtained from DietCoke), make today a low point day to take advantage of the increased metabolism.

I read through the article and it makes sense. Involves a bit of planning, but may explain why we often show our biggest losses on weeks when we've had bad days followed by days when we try to 'make-up' by sticking to minimum points. The human body - fascinating!

To test this theory I actually ate an extra 6 points on Saturday night. Hope it doesn't back-fire!

Cheers, Candace

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Swizzlepop said...

I'm really curious about the Wendi Plan after hearing so many of you talk about it. Is there any way to find out the range without having to sign up for an MSN account?

And congrats on the swimsuit! Not sure I'll ever be so bold as to wear a 2 piece but maybe one day...

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