Wednesday, August 29, 2007

September Goals

I posted this on Sparks, but figured I'd add it here as well. I read something the other day that said the point of challenges/goal setting is not that you WILL get them all done every day/week/month, but that you'll TRY. Being accountable to them daily means I'll do better than if I didn't have them. Kind of like WW GHG's.
This week I've also given thought to a Cindy, a lady from my meetings. She's been having a 'maintenance' summer, not by choice, and she seems discouraged about it. I think she'll pull it together once fall hits next month. The point of mentioning her is that I joined WW the end of May and have worked diligently over the summer, even while on vacation, trying to figure out my body, experimenting with different foods and points, etc. Anyway, I say I'm down 18.2lbs, but sometimes think, "I'm down 25lbs from where I WOULD have been now if I hadn't done this." How so? Both Cindy and I would likely have put weight on this summer had it not been for Weight Watchers. As it is, I have lost 18.2lbs and she is still down around 60lbs from starting.

So, the reason I am posting this is to keep momentum happening in the face of new changes with the schoold year starting, Mark taking a realtor course, fall activities starting up, and just generally less 'ME' time all of a sudden. So, without further ado,
My goals for September are (many of these are also part of the 12-week Octoberbest challenge for me, others are WW, others are just me):
- Get to below the 160lb
- Drink at least 8 cups of water daily
- Some type of exercise or activity for 150 mins/week, incorporating abs/glutes/arms/cardio (all my weak areas)
- WW GHG's of 5 F&V daily, 2-3 Dairy daily, 1-2 healthy oils daily (I have recognized that I have a hard time with oils, but if I can get in even 1 it's better than none and I'm gonna count it as a success, even though it falls short according to WW)
- If I slip forgive myself immediately, not the next day, and get back on plan. No sense in turning a 1 meal slip-up into a 1 day or week slip-up.
- Journal all my meals with the exception of Wednesday nights (With Wed WI before, if I have points available, I don't worry about this meal - just keep the guidelines in perspective)

I am also currently attempting to follow Wendie. Mmalloy is having success with this, but I am in the 'test' phase. Yesterday I was 1pt shy from Wendie, but I was done, so that's cool. Tonight is WI and the September Goals will officially be in place tomorrow for 5 weeks (ending Oct 3). This will also wrap up Octoberbest Challenge.

Cheers, and Happy Hump Day!


dizzydazey said...

I love what you said about goals being just that - a goal, as in something that we are working towards. And you're right - if it weren't for these goals who know where we'd be.

Thanks for the positive attitude! I really needed that pick me up this morning! :o)

Have a great day!

AZ Kate /Ft Art Student said...

You are SO on the money!!! I hate it when you have the inner mantra that says, "if I would've stuck with it I wouldve been there by now"...ugh.
You have such a great attitude, and good luck with everything this fall too.

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